B2B Rocks is back on May 20th

B2B Rocks is back on May 20th


On May 20th, B2B Rocks comes back to Paris.  This time taking place at ESCP Europe, the conference sets as its goal to gather the most inspiring SaaS and B2B startups in Europe and through their multi-faceted program, offer them actionable insights on how to move their business forward.

This year’s speaker list includes leaders from many of the top and up-and-coming startups in B-to-B, including Rachel Delacour from BIME, Nicolas Dessaigne from Algolia, Alain Mevellec of Sellsy, and many more. As the organizers know that startupers are, as always, constrained in terms of time, they want to make sure that they pack in as much value-added content as possible during the event.  As a result B2B Rocks is a compact 1/2 day event that packs in 12 great keyontes and roundtables. With topics ranging from ‘Partnerships with Blue Chips Companies: do’s and dont’s’ to ‘SaaS is eating the world’ to ‘Lead Generation Hacks’, there’s all kinds of great, informative sessions for B-to-B startupers.

Tickets are still available and with their 20 euros early-bird rate, at a great price.  If you’d like to attend, you can register here.