With over 4,500 Android developers on their ad network, AdBuddiz launches on iOS

With over 4,500 Android developers on their ad network, AdBuddiz launches on iOS


Following their launch a couple of years ago, Purple Brain first focused on their game discovery reward app Gifitz which is about to hit 1 million installs on Google Play. However, it was the launch of their Android mobile ad network AdBuddiz just under one year ago that marked a big leapforward for them and, as a result, drove their recent decision to forego the Purple Brain name and rebrand as AdBuddiz.

While focusing first on Android was a smart move for them, bringing 4500 developers from all around the world as well as many of leading game advertisers on to their platform, including the likes of Game Insight, Playtika, Urban Rivals, and Kabam, they’ve recently taken the decision to launch on iOS, opening up a huge new opportunity for them. Their iOS launch looks to have been the right call as according to cofounder Jonathan Ferrebeuf, adoption is growing even faster on iOS than it did for Android.

There are a few key factors that look to have been key in driving their success thus far.  Firstly, 95% of their business is international. They understood very early on that the games business is increasingly a global one and that having the widest reach possible for their ad network would be non-negotiable. For them, being international also means fully supporting their customers, publishers, on a local level. So, for example, they currently support six languages (French, Russian, English, Arabic, Korean and Japanese) with other languages such as Spanish and Italian coming on-line soon. In addition, they’re also continually rolling-out localized versions of their site.

The next decisive factor has been their goal of creating a quality mobile ad network. As such, they’ve taken a decision to go with full-screen rather than banner ads. They pitch-in with clients on the creative side to make sure the ads are not only eye-catching, but deliver the best results as well.

Finally, although they’ve done a great job attracting developers to their platform, publishers are also a big focus for them. Their offer which is 100% non-incentivized, easy to set up, CPI-based, and offers various targeting options such as geotargeting and publishing features, is structured to deliver the best campaign outcomes possible for publishers. In addition, with Giftiz in their portfolio, they also have another solution to help publishers increase awareness of and interaction with their games.

Still bootstrapped, it’s particularly impressive what they’ve achieved thus far. Given the big momentum around French ad tech, I fully expect those following the sector will soon take notice if they haven’t already.