SFR’s next-generation box to enable the Connected Home

SFR’s next-generation box to enable the Connected Home


Anxiously awaited for quite some time, SFR will finally launch its next generation ADSL/FTTH  box this June. The announcement came via executive DG Franck Cardoret during his interview this week on 01netTV’s ‘Grand Talk.’  SFR had been criticized for lagging it’s peers in terms of rolling-out their new box on the market, particularly vis-a-vis Free and their Freebox Révolution. However, SFR is looking to leapfrog its peers by integrating technology into its new box which seeks to move the connected home from concept to reality.

A year ago, SFR launched Home by SFR which would enable users to monitor their home while away utilizing a system of cameras in conjunction with their SFR box. However, their new box coming in June will take this even further, enabling users to also control elements such as their electricity levels or automated blinds from a distance,

Although he didn’t say it outright in the interview, Cardoret implied that the box would be supported by Android. Given the popularity of Android/Google with developers, this obviously opens up the possibility of all kinds of Connected applications from around the globe to being developed around the new box. As the Numericable SFR acquisition is still far from being finalized, no word from Cardoret on how the eventual acquisition might affect their new strategy around in-home internet/connectivity services.

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