Check out the 5 startups that launched at Paris Founders Event last night

Check out the 5 startups that launched at Paris Founders Event last night


Last night at Google’s offices in Paris, the Rude Baguette organized an event gathering 250 members of the FrenchTech ecosystem. It was a real pleasure to see Google’s main auditorium packed with startup lovers who couldn’t wait to see the 5 new products launch, as shows the Twitter-love:


This is an article so you don’t have to wait for the sponsors’ thanks and intro talk, here are the 5 coolest startups France is breeding this Spring!

FRONT is a collaborative inbox enabling teams to handle email flows. It’s a beautiful product taking care of a real need for CRM, sales or recruitment. As heard in the audience, “They are really doing a service to companies”. At the Rude Baguette, we had been following this E-founders project for a while now and were really happy to be the ones to have them launch.


photo by Pierre Jakomin

WISEMETRICS is a publishing and programming solution for social media posts. Its added value is the millions of social accounts’ data that is used to compare and help brands post the best content at the best time. They demoed their product using a Rude Baguette’s article, revealing what combination of picture and text would work best on Facebook, and at what time and day to publish it.


MUSIC BATTLE is a connected set of two balls that enable you to play music with movements. Music Battle’s experience is truly unique and playful. This game can really make you recapture the feeling of music. The startup behind this product, Phonotonic, is part of Agoranov Incubator and its Kickstarter campaign starts soon, keep them in mind!


KOSMO is a connected electronic cigarette that enables you to manage smoking habits and to better control them. Kosmo combines an elegant design and cool features like a light that indicates when you reached the equivalent of one cigaret, or social sharing for your friends to help you quit. The prototype just came out and the IndieGogo campaign launching soon will help them producing the device on a large scale.

SIILAR, by Niland (an other Agoranov project) is a music search tool for music professionals. Its added value: its technology is based on the music signal (”machine listening”) and not on meta data. For instance, you can look for a song similar to Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind” based on its audio signal, its “DNA”, and add some filters like a female voice instead of a man’s voice.  This technology enables music professionals to find music with an unrivaled efficiency. Despite the demand from the public, the product is B2B only – for now, we hope.


Photo: Pierre Jakomin

All five winners not only got the opportunity to demo on stage, but also some cool gifts: tickets to the Next Web in Amsterdam, some workshops at Google – to review their front and back infrastructures – and Pourquoi Pas Moi – in PR and communications – plus credits to print cool business cards with MOO and a 1-year Pro subscription with Prezi.

In between demos, great speakers came to present what they do for the FrenchTech ecosystem. Clara Deletraz introduced the French Tech mission to the crowd, explaining its 3 goals: accelerate growth among French digital startups, establish French startups on the international market and attract international talent and investors.PFE_ClaraDeletraz

Martin Görner, Mr “Entrepreneurship Outreach” at Google France, presented the actions of Google Entrepreneurs not only in France but in the world. “Google provides startups with means to scale their reach and their infrastructure. It’s a great opportunity for French startups, as tonight’s event shows once again how their ideas and talent have the potential for a global impact. At Google for Entrepreneurs, we try to enable the French startups ecosystem by partnering with Numa and Le Camping, and through many mentoring events.” He offered all participating startups €20,000 worth of Cloud Platform credits.

Pascal Latouche from Orange Fab France said a few words about the Fab initiative before Orkun Saitoglu came to present Paypal Blueprint, and Edouard Ly, Marketing and Communications Director of Oxalide gave us a quick lecture and all the technical conditions startups need to gather to launch properly.


Last but not least, there was an extra-demo tonight, our own special product that we launched on this occasion: RudeList, the French startup database. Liam Boogar, Rude Baguette‘s CEO presented its coolest features. Sign up for the private beta to play with it!


For those who could not get in last night (you were about 100 on the wait list) and for those who enjoyed the event, PFE is coming back in July! Get your tickets now with a 20% discount with the promo code “EarlyBird”.

See you there!