After sale to Fimalac, Overblog cofounders’ latest project is Secret Media

After sale to Fimalac, Overblog cofounders’ latest project is Secret Media

After finalizing the acquisition of Overblog (acquired by eBuzzing in 2010) to Webedia (acquired by Fimalac in 2013), co-founders Frederic Montagnon & Julien Romanetto are not waiting long to start on what will be their third startup built together, Secret Media (nothing more than a landing page today). After starting Nomao & Overblog, both of which were acquired by eBuzzing, Secret Media looks to combat a subject his media businesses have been confronted with in the past: Ad Blocking.

“The use of Ad Filtering and Ad Blocking softwares is on the rise: Browser’s bars, plugins, firewall, add-ons.
It’s becoming a major problem for premium publishers. We help publishers with a unique technology.” – Secret Media LinkedIn Company Page

Mention of the company first appeared on Montagnon’s LinkedIn profile following the announcement of Fimalac’s acquisition of Overblog (reportedly for less than €5 Million, according to sources).

logo (5)Secret Media aims to combat Ad blocking technology like Adblock Plus, which counted more than 4 Million users in France as of January 2013; many advertising-driven media pure players are seeing 30-40% of their traffic lost to ad blocking technology, which targets images/ads coming from servers identified as ad servers, thus disabling a media’s ability to monetize.

For now, there isn’t much about Secret Media’s “unique technology” that is public; however, the team is currently staffing up in New York & in Paris, so don’t expect to wait long to hear what they’ve got cooking.