Netatmo’s Rain Measuring module goes on sale for 75€

Netatmo’s Rain Measuring module goes on sale for 75€


Paris-based connected hardware startup Netatmo announced that it would be expanding its catalog of weather-measuring tools, opening up orders for its Rain Gauge, which measures precipitation in the air. The module works as an add-on to Netatmo’s popular Weather Station, and costs 75€ when ordered via their website.

Netatmo has become pretty smart with how they measure weather data. Using their network of Weather Stations, they are also able to provide a global weather app, and I would be surprised if this Rain Module didn’t ultimately improve their ability to detect weather changes across the world.

The idea of crowdsourcing weather data is quite smart, especially given that Netatmo is making an initial amount of revenue off of hardware purchases. The overall value for each purchase goes up with each purchase, as the data becomes more accurate and more precise.

Netatmo CEO Fred Potter will be speaking at the Connected Conference in Paris on June 18th-19th – Early Bird tickets are currently on sale – sign up and save 100€