LeCamping & Techstars Alumni DocTrackr acquired by IntraLinks for $10M

LeCamping & Techstars Alumni DocTrackr acquired by IntraLinks for $10M


Secure file-sharing startup DocTrackr has been acquired by IntraLinks for $10M  in cash, according to an SEC filing (originally picked up by GigaOm’s Barb Darrow). The Boston-based startup was founded in 2011 by  Clement Cazalot & Alex Negrea, and was a participant in the 1st season of the LeCamping accelerator program. They subsequently raised $2 Million from Atlas Ventures & Polaris Ventures after completing the TechStars Boston program.

The startup’s security software, which allows clients to track who opens files, as well as ‘remote wipe’ documents ( a la Mission Impossible, as Cazalot was fond of saying) in the event that unintended recipients get ahold of the document. Intralinks, which provides enterprise collaboration software, will integrate DocTrackr into its service, but made a statement that DocTrackr will also continue to support 3rd party services such as Box (who Intralinks CEO alleges were also pursuing acquisition of Doctrackr)

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