La Maison du Bitcoin set to open in Paris this May

La Maison du Bitcoin set to open in Paris this May

logo (6)Bitcoin may have squarely exited the Hype phase, but that hasn’t stopped Thomas France & Eric Larchevêque, founders of Prixing & Flink, from building La Maison du Bitcoin, a community center and coworking space dedicated to the Bitcoin ecosystem. The maison, located at 35 rue du Caire in Paris’ Sentier district, is set to open on May 13th with an Inauguration event – tickets & more info available here.

“Our main goal is to develop the French Bitcoin ecosystem by helping Bitcoin focused startups to take their projects to new heights.
France has a strong reputation for IT and science engineers. There is no reason why the next big crypto company shouldn’t be French.” – Eric Larchevêque – co-founder, La Maison du Bitcoin

The Bitcoin ecosystem has been relatively under developed in France up to now, despite France’s close heritage with a lot of the core components of Bitcoin – cryptography theory, financial & economic theory, and I’m told at least one of the Mt. Gox founders is French. In France, Bitcoin Central, run by French startup Paymium, represents one of the biggest European bitcoin exchanges – Paymium co-founder Gonzague Grandval defended BitCoin in front of the French senate last year.

“Right now, the French Bitcoin ecosystem is quite small compared to other countries. There is only a few startups operating in the fields,
and no VC investment has been announced yet. However things are starting to change, the community is getting bigger every day.
The establishment of our house in the heart of Silicon Sentier will for sure raise new opportunities, and put France on the Bitcoin world map.”  – Eric Larchevêque – co-founder, La Maison du Bitcoin

According to CoinbaseLa Maison du Bitcoin represents the first European Bitcoin hub – La Maison may have achieved its goal before its doors even open.