Preparing for launch in the US, Deezer launches “Flow,” a free mobile service

Preparing for launch in the US, Deezer launches “Flow,” a free mobile service


Last December at LeWeb, Spotify announced a free mobile service that would allow users to choose artists they wanted to listen to, with Spotify choosing the tracks you listen to. The product itself was seen as a big shift – negotiating appropriate deals with labels to be able to serve songs on mobile for such a low cost – but the listening experience received mixed reviews.

It would seem that Deezer is testing the waters on a new free mobile service – Singapore-based Hardware reported¬†that Deezer has released a new free mobile servie “Flow,” which allows user to listen to “smart playlists” for free on Deezer’s mobile app. The service looks at the music you listen to already on your phone, as well as songs you’ve previously listened to on Deezer, and creates one radio station for you to listen to.

Currently, the service seems to be available in limited countries; however, if the service picks up steam, you can fully expect this feature to roll out globally. Deezer is currently said to ramping up for a launch in the US later this year – CEO Axel Dauchez spoke at SXSW earlier this year called “The new geography of the music world,” and rumors are turning that Deezer is looking for a partner (Microsoft?) to accompany its launch.

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