Arctic15: Exit Path looks to put startups on the path to success on May 27/28th

Arctic15: Exit Path looks to put startups on the path to success on May 27/28th


ArcticStartup, the Helsinki-based news blog covering breaking startup news from the Nordics and Baltics, will be kicking off the third edition of its highly successful Arctic15: Exit Path Conference on May 27/28th in Helsinki. This year ArcticStartup will draw more than 800 attendees who will come to hear more than 20 notable tech speakers such as Electronic Arts founder Tim Hawkins and Zynga founder Justin Waldron, attend practical talks and engage in highly valuable networking sessions.

One of the key things that makes Artctic15 unique is that it is entirely structured around the startup lifecycle, so taking attendees, which tend to focus on both startups and investors alike, through the challenges and opportunities at each of the funding, scaling and exiting phases. Dmitri Sarle, CEO of ArcticStartup elaborates on this adding, “As tech writers we love a narrative, which is why we’re leading our attendees through every stage of a startup’s lifecycle – from forming a team, getting that first funding, scaling, and then the exit.”

As the exit stage is always a hot topic for investors and startup alike, and perhaps becoming even more so as Europe’s tech ecosystems are starting to mature, Arctic15 will also hold a pre-conference workshop for business angels and entrepreneurs on the topic, run by Dr. Basil Peters, author of Early Exits. As acquisitions are often the way many startups exit, corporations will be up on stage “reverse pitching” to entrepreneurs about their strategy, business objectives and challenges  in order to build ties for potential partnerships or acquisitions down the road.

If you’d like to attend, they’ve still got great rates on tickets and demo stands, with a early-bird rates through April 16th of 249 euro standard tickets, 500 euro investor ticket, and 900 euro demo stand/2 ticket combo.


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