Synthesio raises €14M to eavesdrop on you for Brands

Synthesio raises €14M to eavesdrop on you for Brands


French startup Synthesio has raised a €14 Million Series B led by IDInvest, the startup reported this week. The startup provides solutions to enterprises looking to listen in on what is being said about them on social media. Founded in 2006 by Loic Moisand & Thibault Hanin, the company has offices in Paris, London, New York and around the world, and counts Nissan, Microsoft, Peugeot & Accor Hotels among its major clients.

With literally billions of people taking to social media to post their emotions (both positive and negative), the ability to tap into those billions of emotions becomes quite valuable for brands, looking to gauge how they are received by their audience – by the same action they can begin better defining their audience as well. By listening in to social media, brands like BNP Paribas boast 500% increased brand visibility.

Synthesio has carved out a nice space for itself in the social media analytics space – most tools are overly obsessed with your likes, followers, retweets & mentions, and forget that most of the people talking about you aren’t mentioning you, and probably don’t follow you. Tapping into that extended audience is great for brands – especially offline brands struggling to find their place in an increasingly online-driven society.