Sick of hackatons? Join an actual dev competition at Code in the Dark

Sick of hackatons? Join an actual dev competition at Code in the Dark


Code in the Dark is not a hackaton. It doesn’t last 2 days but just one cool night. It is not an excuse to have 100 developers work for free. Code in the Dark does not support a brand, a company or a community, it supports developers.

Coders will be a the center of the attention during the night. They will have the opportunity to show off their skills to an audience of 150 people passionate by web development. There is no hidden agenda, besides having fun, drink beer, eat sandwiches, and writing kick-ass code. Who is going to be King – or Queen – of Code this year?

Freelances, startups co-founders, friends and family, either you want to support a candidate or take a look out of curiosity, you are welcome to join the party.

Startups – got developers? Put the spotlight on your top developer talent by sending them to the event and prove to the rest of the crowd who’s got the best team.

In order to be elected King/Queen of code (and get great prizes), you’ll need to reproduce a web-page in less than 20 minutes. No completion, no preview, only HTML and CSS.

The event is brought to you by RudeBaguette, but won’t be as awesome without our great sponsors: AlloResto, Paypal, Deezer and Mobiskill.

When and where?

March 21st at Deezer’s Offices.

€4 to be a contestant

€10 to be in the audience

Get your tickets HERE.