Mt. Gox or not, France will have its Maison du Bitcoin

Mt. Gox or not, France will have its Maison du Bitcoin


Mt. Gox may be nothing more than an allusive call center as of today, but that won’t stop Parisians from getting on board with Bitcoin. In addition to having a Senate hearing earlier this year on the topic, the first physical BitCoin center is set to open in the heart of Paris, which will consist of a mining rack, meetups, work space for bitcoin-related companies & more. The space which will be located on the same street as Silicon Sentier’s NUMA, has aspirations of hosting the first BitCoin ATM (French law permitting).

Dubbed La Maison du Bitcoin, the space is being run by Prixing and Flink co-founders Thomas France & Eric Larcheveque, who have taken a steep interest in Bitcoin in the past 18 months, France told Rude Baguette earlier this year.

The future of Bitcoin is unknown, but many are still willing to bet on it, – even Overbog’s Frederic Montagnon is said to be interested in Bitcoin these days!

La Maison du Bitcoin is set to open in March or April, and will feature an SHA56/Scrypt bitcoin mining machine (La Maison will also act as a host for bitcoin machines), and hopes to become the center of the BitCoin movement in Paris, solidifying the presently dispersed initiatives like the Bitcoin meetup in Paris.