edjing celebrates its 2-year anniversary with ‘craziest’ photo contest

edjing celebrates its 2-year anniversary with ‘craziest’ photo contest


Launching just two years ago as the first DJ app on mobile, edjing has grown at break-neck pace to achieve 300% growth in 2013 and 15 million downloads. While proudly wearing their “French Tech” badge (even though they were courted by others to move abroad), edjing is showing that yes you can have your roots in France and build a global company. edjing is certainly a well-known success story in France, but it’s their success on the international scene in such a short period of time that has been particularly impressive. With users in 182 countries, edjing’s app was also integrated into Sony’s advert during the Golden Globes, vote Best App of the Year at the AppAwards 2013, and at the center of the opening show at Microsoft TechDays 2014. With France as it’s home base, edjing is working on establishing a physical presence abroad.

To celebrate its 2-year anniversary and thank its many users and fans, edjing is organizing a photo contest on Instagram called “my craziest edjing pic”. The premise of the contest actually came directly from their users, who regularly share pictures of their edjing turntables on social networks.

To participate, all you need to do is:

1. Follow edjing on Instagram (@edjingofficial)

2. Upload a crazy picture of your edjing turntables

3. Tag your Instagram picture with #myedjing AND mention @edjingofficial

4. Do all this before March 21st (good news…date extended!). On that day, the edjing team will shortlist its 10 favorite pictures and will post them on its official Instagram page (@edjingofficial)

Then between March 22nd – 28th, you can vote for your favorite picture by liking it on their Instagram page.

Of course, this is a contest, so there are great prizes to win as well, including:

  • #1:  Bose speaker + 1 Diamond Pack + 1 edjing t-shirt + 1 edjing cap
  • #2-4 : 1 Diamond Pack + 1 edjing t-shirt + 1 edjing cap
  • #5-10 : 1 Diamond Pack

So remember, if you want to participate, make sure you upload your picture on edjing’s Instagram by March 21st!