Discover Madmagz’s HR philosophy “P.A.C.T.E” for passionate and ambitious startup-lovers

Discover Madmagz’s HR philosophy “P.A.C.T.E” for passionate and ambitious startup-lovers


Pursuing its mission to fight unemployment and talents’ misfits, the Rude Baguette is featuring interviews of startups (small and bigger) participating in next edition of the Paris Startup Job Fair. Whether your job is insanely boring, your talent is misunderstood by your boss or you are not so keen on going back to Pôle Emploi, join us and discover your future dream employer! It might be Madmagz, find out more about them in this article before meeting IRL on the 5th of April.

Madmagz is a French startup based in Paris. They are reinventing the magazine industry by building a platform that enables any community – company, school, fans, family – to become a magazine publisher: creating fascinating magazines, reaching the largest audience and making money. Madmagz is 4 years old and based in Paris. Madmagz was founded by Youssef Rahoui, a veteran in online business who also spent three years in the magazine industry. There are 8 employees organized around the “product team”: 2 developers, 1 web designer and the “business team”: 2 heads of business units, 1 marketing manager and 1 support.

CEO Youssef Rahoui tells us about their set of values they defined when realizing how hard it is to recruit talented people in startups: P.A.C.T.E.

P for Passion 

We are all passionate by what we do, either code, marketing or community management. We are doing what we work on also outside of the office: we post code on Github, do some free web-marketing for side-projects etc.  Since we are driven by passion, we surpass ourselves: we are always on top.

A for Ambition 

The goal for a startup is not to remain a startup! Startups’ greatest resources are people. In order to make a startup grow, you need to make people grow. At Madmagz, everyone is the best at what they do

C for Cosmopolite

Our team is highly diverse: I’m from Morocco, we have people who were raised abroad, who have travelled around the world, who have bi-cultural families… A great melting pot.

T for Teamplay

We work in a big open-space and all our tools are online and collaborative (chat, agenda, email…). Every week we do an all hands meeting where everyone tells the others what’s up with the workload.

Every Friday we have lunch together at a great Indian restaurant, it’s called “Indian Friday”!

E for Entrepreneurial.

We are all “doers”. Sometimes our mockups are not perfect, we are low on budget, but we go forward. Our satisfaction come from doing.

What kind of profiles are you looking to recruit?

Front End Developer and Business Developer.

Where do you see you company (and thus, your team) in two years? In terms of development and geography!

5M€ turnover and Latin America conquered!

MAdmagz's offices
MAdmagz’s offices


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