Art photography distributor and retailer Yellow Korner raises €2.5 million

Art photography distributor and retailer Yellow Korner raises €2.5 million



Having raised about 7.5 million euros to date from the likes of A Plus Finance, UFG-Siparex, 360° Capital Partners, Louis-Christophe Laurent, and PriceMinister co-founder Pierre Kosciusko Morizet, Yellow Korner has just announced that they’ve just closed on a new €2.5 million round from the investment fund of Charles Beigbeder, Audacia.

Yellow Korner’s objective is to give the general public access to limited edition, art photography from around the world. They were founded in 2006 Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat and now sell limited edition photos via internet and in 70 boutiques across Europe and the US.

With this most recent fundraising round, the team plan to expand their presence in the US, by growing to 20 galleries there over the next 18 months. However this is just the beginning as they plan to expand to an upwards of 500 galleries around the world and launch in new markets such as South Korea, Japan, and Brazil. In order to quickly and efficiently deploy these outlets in new markets, their idea is to roll-out a network of boutiques via a franchise approach rather than expanding with Yellow Korner-owned boutiques. The new investment will also give them the chance to take a multi-channel approach focused around various projects and activities and develop their complementary art books, which obviously fit well with their broader, gallery focused activities.