5 Reasons to get excited about Code in the Dark!

5 Reasons to get excited about Code in the Dark!


Tonight at Deezer HQ Rude Baguette will welcome 100+ coders and spectators to the second Paris edition of Code in the Dark. Born out of a frustration with how developer events attracted, for the most part, non-developers, Code in the Dark is a competition that pits developer against developer in a pure coding exercise – coding a web page using only a screenshot.

The event’s first edition last September was quite a hit, and we’re excited to host it once again at Deezer’s great Paris offices, along with the support of PayPal, Mobiskill, AlloResto, RedBull, and Mailjet! Whether you’re a developer, a startuper, a founder, an investor, a journalist or just a geek, here’s why Code in the Dark is right for you:

1) You can finally live out your fantasy of being an early employee at Facebook


The first time I saw the Code in the Dark trailer, the first thing I thought of was that scene from The Social Network where college students are hacking in order to win an internship at Facebook. While we’ve toned down the alcohol a bit (plenty of alcohol, it’s just not part of the event), the spirit is the same – coders coding against other coders in order to prove one thing: who knowshow to code the best.

2) See what it feels like to work in a fast-paced startup


As a developer, Code in the Dark puts you in a state of high alert – 15 minutes to bust your ass, knowing that, whether you’ve finished or not, your results are going to be shown to the world when the time is up. This is life in a startup – there are no extended deadlines, updates must be pushed, and you cannot fall back on other people

As a spectator, this is a great opportunity to see what it means to be a developer. It’s a bit action-packed, which isn’t always the case for developers, but you get to see how code becomes a product in just 15 minutes. Last September, the final competition had spectators packed around the table watching people working away – snickers in the audience from developers spotting bugs or inaccurate code were rare, but it definitely kept the tensions high.

The most exciting part, of course, is seeing the results at the end – the failures, and the brilliant successes.

3) Support your friends & coworkers!


Unlike Hackathons, Code in the Dark is an event where you can cheer for, support, congratulate and console your friend, your colleague or your co-worker. Whether you plan on competing or not, come out to support those who are – who knows, you might even be able to split the prizes with them!

4) Prizes, prizes, prizes…

No competition would be complete without prizes. Everyone who attends Code in the Dark is a winner, which is why we’ll be giving out free Red Bull, beer & food (courtesy of AlloResto) to attendees all night – we’ll also be playing great music during the competition. For the winners, though, we’ve got plenty of great prizes – brand new headphones, a Sphero, and a certain made-in-france quadcopter are part of the package, but the real prize is in the Title.

5) The “King/Queen of the Code” Trophee


Code in the Dark is about recognizing great talent, which is why the winner of each edition gets their own custom King/Queen of the Code Trophee to put on their mantle (or their desk) for years to come.

So if you want to be the King/Queen of the Code, or if you’re just looking for a great way to spend your Friday evening – come on out to Code in the Dark tonight. You can even use the 5REASONS discount code to participate for free (spectators 50% off!)


4 Responses

  1. Hugo

    I have yet to understand why coders should love “coding against other coders in order to prove one thing: who knows how to code the best.” yet alone go home with the “King/Queen of Code” title. I have heard too many times founders having hard times with coders that fell in love with their code and could not move on to the next feature iteration properly because of ego.
    Removing one’s ego away from the equation is a must do since it gets in the way of
    – delivering value to customers, users, and make a dent at then end of the day.
    – acknowledging that any code is crafted to fit a situation and that even if it could be improved, one has to weight the decision twice before diving into over engineering.

    Even if it was ok, why go for 15 minutes without any tools ?
    Text editors mastery are a part of the job, they save a lot of time and help people craft stuff. You might be able to build a ship with your bare hands but i have yet to hear about a carpenter doing so. I can only speculate that you wanted to give an authentic and raw taste to the event. It feels great with the “in the dark” atmosphere the event claims to have and i can see the communication value about it. Some jobs though require the right tools. Don’t send miners to work without pickaxe. Period

    The list of observations could go on, i nevertheless don’t see the point of writing everything down there. You have good will and try to move things, show people what coding is i will give you that. But donc reduce the whole thing to a simplistic zoo exhibitions with sponsors, beer and clichés.

    • Liam Boogar

      Hugo, totally agree. The job of a developer cannot be reduced to an event – a hackathon, code in the dark, or otherwise.

      Our goal isn’t to do so, it’s to crest an environment where people are rewarded for being good at their craft. Part of every competition is artificial restraints (reduced access to tools, time limitations, no preview, etc.), and they aren’t meant to reflect the real job of a developer; however, I think of you attend our next edition of the event, you’ll see that it’s a fun environment with talented people demonstrating their talent just for the fun in doing so.

      Happy to comp you a ticket in order for you to attend next time! Ping me (my email is at the top of the article)

    • exfromtheleft

      i was at the last edition @ deezer, where two of my co-workers took 1s and 2nd place and it was really cool, i was just there as a chealeader for my coworkers but i enjoyed every second of the event. and i agree with you what the event really is…

    • exfromtheleft

      memo to mysellf: always read twice before posting broken english!!!

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