TheFamily: 1 year later, 100 startups & counting

TheFamily: 1 year later, 100 startups & counting

This week TheFamily held its one year anniversary in their brand new office space (photos of the event here courtesy of Eventpixr/François Tancré). The event brought together 500 members of the Paris tech scene – entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, government officials, incubators & accelerators, and, of course, journalists – for yet another unforgettable night.

On the occasion of their one year anniversary, Rude Baguette sat down with co-founder Oussama Ammar for some exclusive insights into TheFamily, which has a habit of keeping its member list under wraps until they have enough traction, such as Algolia, Bunkr & Mindie. It would seem that TheFamily kept their promise to welcome 100 startups into their program in one year, most of whom fall into their slightly confusing “Phoenix” category.

TheFamily has three categories – Phoenix, Diamond & Soaring – which I would equate to pre-seed, seed, and growth stages for startups; however, Oussama Ammar doesn’t like to measure startup stages in terms of investment:

“Phoenix” is the stage from ‘problem’ to ‘a product that’s cool.’ “Diamond” is from ‘cool product’ to ‘traction,’ and “Soaring” is from ‘traction’ to ‘proven business model'” – Oussama Ammar, co-founder @ TheFamily

Rude Baguette compiled an exclusive infographic with interesting stats on what stages companies are in, what types of companies are part of TheFamily, and the overall trend of the accelerator.