Uber to tackle urban ridesharing, launches UberPop in Paris

Uber to tackle urban ridesharing, launches UberPop in Paris


Uber announced today via their blog that they will launch on February 5th UberPop, an urban ridesharing service that will undercut UberX prices by nearly 50%. The offer, which will allow individuals to register their car on Uber and transport other individuals, comes just days after the 15-Minute law was confirmed by the French Government, forcing UberX & Uber drivers (licenses professionals) to wait 15 minutes before picking up passengers. This offer will circumvent the law and leverage Uber’s existing network in Paris.

UberPop Pricing

In its home city of San Francisco, Uber has been met with heavy competition by services like Lyft, whose pink mustached cars have become synonymous with urban ridesharing. Here in Paris, however, while some services have begun to launch, there is no player in France with a better network of supply & demand in urban rides than Uber.

capture_iPhone_uberPOPMany, including myself, expected Blablacar, which recently launched in Russia & Ukraine as its 10th country, to launch an urban offer; however, the company has no visible plans to launch a short-distance offer, and has carved out a 5 Million+ user market of long-distance ride-sharing.

It’s no surprise, then, that Uber would choose Paris as a test market to launch UberPop. Today, Paris is one of Uber’s largest markets outside the United States, alongside London, and the company launched in 45 new cities in 2013 alone. In addition, with recent legislation cracking down on UberX, Uber Berline, and UberVan, Uber is opening itself up to the last remaining uncontrolled market – P2P – in a market where Airbnb is also dominating.

Uber has seen phenomenal growth in Paris, largely due to the launch of UberX last July – one can only imagine that UberPop will solidify their dominant position in France, making competing with Uber even more difficult. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but this is exactly what I predicted last month.

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  1. Gilles Van Audenhaege

    Welcome to UberPOP on the ridesharing market! We need more competitors in Paris 😉

    If you want to try Djump, just download the app and enter the promo code “WELCOMEUBERPOP” to get 25€ credits at http://djump.in/credits

  2. Chris Georgiev

    wow, French taxi’s will be really pissed off 😉

  3. ClaimsAdjuster
  4. Patrick

    The competiton is coming and has a clear positionning and brand identity unlike Uber which is high end market and business users.
    Trying to do everything for everyone is a recepe for lots of confusion.

    See http://www.Citygoo.fr is launching and the little guys are often better than the Goliath when it comes to pure focus 🙂

  5. vin

    well done, i always thought the french are most undestandable people and of course competion is welcome, capitalism is all about that,UberPop, will be launched in new zealand soon.

  6. gabyu

    UberPop will be banned in France starting from January 1st, 2015. Vive la république!

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