Leetchi’s marketplace payment solution MangoPay goes international

Leetchi’s marketplace payment solution MangoPay goes international


Having launched just 10 months ago, MangoPay has rapidly grown its client list to 150 of France’s top marketplace, collaborative consumption, and crowdfunding players, including La Fourchette, Cookening, Payplug, and Vestiare Collective.  Now the Leetchi team have announced that they’ll be taking MangoPay international and are launching a whole host of new features.

As Leetchi is a European licensed e-money issuer, Europe looks to be their first point of international expansion for MangoPay. Three key advantages that they expect will help MangoPay achieve the same level of international success as Leetchi are their transparent and highly competitive pricing structure, value-added functionality such as MangoPay’s ‘one-click’ payments and the ability to utilize local means of payment (e.g. Maestro, iDEAL, etc), and the roll-out of several new features including:

  • Support of 7 new currencies including GBP, USD, Swiss Franc, Polish Zloty,  Norweigan Krone, Swedish Krona, and Danish Krone.  They’ll soon be adding the Aussie and Candian Dollars as well.
  • Support of in-app payments
  • New open-source development kits facilitating integration with PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java
  • The ability to open a test account and put MangoPay directly in production from mangopay.com

Leetchi’s rise across Europe has been nothing but inspiring.  Having launched in 2009, they have evolved quickly from a French social payments solution to a European multi-solution payments provider. Now the leading group payment service in Europe, Leetchi will hopefully look to expand globally, following in the footsteps of other French tech success stories, such as Deezer, Viadeo, and Criteo. Hearing Cofounder Céline Lazorthes speak about their growth, it’s evident their ability to innovate the types of payment solutions they offer and to establish themselves quickly as a European leader in the payments space have been big drivers of their success. Although the payments space is highly competitive with lots of global and local players, Leetchi’s ability to provide innovative payment solutions for specific segments will well-position them to continue to stand-out from the crowd.