Announcing the Paris Founders Event at Google – where the hottest products launch

Announcing the Paris Founders Event at Google – where the hottest products launch


Five startups and/or products will be selected to launch on stage at the Paris Founders Event in front of the whole community of founders, investors and journalists.

Throughout last year, the Paris Founders Event gathered the ecosystem around good food and exchange of experiences. In 2014 PFE brings you even more: 600 people will attend the event in order to be able to discover which Paris-based startups are going to hit the headlines.

Because building a product in Paris doesn’t mean building it in France but in Europe, the 5 winners will get passes to one of Europe’s hottest conferences, along with some prizes to help them scale their product up!

We didn’t forget about the good food: after getting blown away by cool pitches and inspiring speakers, you will be able to join an evening of networking. Startup founders, VCs, accelerators, tech-lovers, everyone who knows about what it’s like to build a startup will be there. It’s a unique opportunity to get feedback, create synergy and raise money in a single night. There might be some surprises along the way, don’t miss out.

For this first edition, we’ve got exactly 200 tickets for sale. If you’d like to get a first look at the latest products to launch, and talk with 20 founders of new products, then get your ticket today!


Apply now to be selected to pitch on stage

RudeBaguette believes in products. If you are developing something great – hard- or software, no matter what industry – that really solves a problem, then submit your product to launch at the Paris Founders Event!

On April 1st, we’ll send out free passes to the 20 finalists, of which 5 will be selected during the event to demo. The only rules are that you need to be ready to launch your product on April 8th, no sooner & no later. You can submit your products here