2014 looks like a good year for tech to Get Lucky

2014 looks like a good year for tech to Get Lucky


Some of you may have reached the point of saturation on predictions for 2014, and I can empathize. Even here in this very space two weeks ago, I shared some forecasts of thought leaders I respect within Europe’s tech ecosystem.

But I’m going to give you some more, for three reasons: i) I had promised to do so, and I try to never break a promise; ii) once again, these predictions don’t come from me but rather from some more really smart thought leaders here; and iii) it includes Daft Punk !

So here goes:

  • 2014 will be the year of the Internet of Things and Consumerization of Software. Security solutions will also strive well. Hmm …weren’t these already happening in 2013? Sure, look at Nest and Dropbox.
  • Facebook will confirm its gradual drift into irrelevance.
  • In the B2B SaaS area, the importance of the service piece of the product will grow exponentially, creating a whole new area for employment growth.
  • European countries need to stop interfering with the business environment and reduce the hassle to build companies. France will remain in denial in this area and hence faces a very tough couple of years ahead. Other EU countries, even parts of Spain, will start growing again dynamically.
  • This will be the year in which the phenomen of the sharing economy spreads into the mainstream. Collaborative consumption will become the new paradigm. This revolution allies the power of the internet and social networks to lead us to consume differently. Traditional brands will be forced to act more transparently.
  • The digital economy will continue to take its place disrupting or replacing old businesses, or simply overtaking outmoded forms of distribution.
  • Al Pacino’s declaration in Scarface will become true for the masses, “The world is yours from the comfort of your home.”
  • This is the year that your grandmother will not only help finance the studio recording of your cousin Mathieu’s first album, she will also give a few euros to finance an organic farm or share her special homemade pastries with strangers.
  • The end of European Union as we know it today.
  • The Dutch football team will win the World Cup.
  • Daft Punk will be inducted into the French Légion d’Honneur. Those guys have been visionary since 1997.

The above insight comes from the following geniuses. To derive further benefit from their wisdom, consider subscribing to their newsletters or following them on Twitter.

Laetitia Alcover, Cofounder and CMO of Utel (@AlloKang)
Floris van Alkemade, Partner of Solid Ventures (@florisva)
Michael Benninga, CEO of Planzone (@MichaelBenninga)
Nicolas Grumbach, Cofounder and CEO of Utel (@AlloKang)
Jop Pollmann, CEO of Scotch & Soda (@Scotch_Official)

With the end of January upon us and the Chinese New Year imminent, may 2014 be full of good health, peace, and joy, and prove to be a year in which all you, each in your own little way, Get Lucky.