Next to Instagram, Tumblr &, reaches Top 10 sites for Generation Y in France

Next to Instagram, Tumblr &, reaches Top 10 sites for Generation Y in France


Facebook may be bleeding young users – not that we care – but Instagram & Tumblr are still holding strong in France and around the world; however, in November, became the only news media site to enter Mediametre’s list of the Top 10 sites most frequented by youth aged 15-24. Coming in at 8th place, and growing rapidly,’s parent media company meltygroup has quickly become a key player in the online youth space, and thus, in online advertising towards youth.


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Founded by developer Alexandre Malsch, melty grew its initial popularity by using algorithms to predicts youth-oriented trends on the Internet, being able to discern which trends would fade out, and which ones would go viral – and when.However, in addition to expanding across Europe and Latin America, melty has also broadened its media presence, launching a series of web television series’, partnering with other youth-oriented media, and even launching an incubator for young entrepreneurs (web or otherwise).

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In November 2013, Mediametre measured 7.1 Million internet users in France between the ages of 15-24; in December 2013, saw 15.8 Million readers, having seen steady growth across all of its media properties. As the powerhouse continues to grow, Melty is transitioning from ‘quick & quantity’ to quality news, having recently hired a few reputed journalists to help bolster its team.

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