Ezakus teams up with MotionLead to ship the grail of mobile advertising.

Ezakus teams up with MotionLead to ship the grail of mobile advertising.

The following is a guest post by  Alban Denoyel, CEO of  Sketchfab.  You can follow him on twitter  @albn

Mobile-AppEzakus,  the  French  leading  DMP  (data  management  platform)  for  advertisers,  has  just announced  a  key  partnership  with  MotionLead,   who  specializes  in Rich  Media  Mobile advertising.  I took this occasion  to seat down with Christophe  Camborde,  CEO of Ezakus, who just moved  to NYC. Having  been through  the same relocation  from Paris to NYC 10 months ago, it was nice to have his feedback on where his company is heading, 2 years after the launch. I also had a quick call with Arthur Querou, MotionLead’s  CEO, who just started operations in the Bay Area.

Can  you  tell  us  a  bit  more  about  what  this  partnership  means,  and  how  did  it  all happen?

CC: MotionLead is a trio of guys I met not long ago. They went through Epita, and they want to do business. They are part of this new generation of geeks who not only get code, but get business  as well. There are tones of those in California,  but not that many in France.  I’m about to be 40 soon, and they are 20 years old. It’s the first time I work with people who are half my age, and the goal is to merge two cultures. They want to be serial entrepreneurs, and we are happy to share what we’ve learned.

AQ: We teamed up with Christophe because we realized we were talking to the same clients, with the same ambition: bring performance on pre-targeting advertising. We were just doing it with different means: data for them, rich media for us. We have very different cultures and background:  we are mobile  natives,  and we specialize  in display.  They  are people  of the backend, of big data. But we clearly know what value we bring to each other, and both feel it’s a perfect fit.

What is the offer and what’s behind the tech?

CC:  What  we  are  creating  and  selling  is  a  high  quality  mobile  format  for  ads,  with  very engaging content, plus it’s targeted. The format is highly customizable, and works on iOS and Android. We merged our two technologies  at Christmas, and now I’m able to pre target this for a specific segment. So when you get an amazing format from MotionLead, and beautiful data from Ezakus, you have a unique offer: rich media plus rich data. And the go-to market is the same, so we can sell this to our existing clients

AQ: MotionLead  has built a framework  to edit campaigns,  so that the average agency guy can start with just his psd, and map our tech on top of it. We are focusing on native formats only, and use  LUA, which is a standard for video game programming.  It’s more powerful than JavaScript  or html5,  and  from  a data  standpoint,  we  get  way  more  info  with  LUA:  touch events, time spent, scrolls, etc…

So what’s the US plan?

CC:  I just  moved  here,  by  myself.  I have  40  employees  in France,  but  I’m  starting  from scratch here. I have been preparing this for a year. Today I don’t have any US client, and my main question is the go to market here. I don’t understand baseball, I don’t know who won last weekend, so there’s obviously a lot to learn 🙂

AQ: We are working on shipping a platform aimed at scaling our sales, so that we can attack the US market more aggressively. It’s great that we are both expanding to the US at the same time.