Enterprise 2.0 Summit getting ‘social enterprise ready’ on Feb 11th/12th

Enterprise 2.0 Summit getting ‘social enterprise ready’ on Feb 11th/12th


Arguably Europe’s top conference on the social enterprise, Enterprise 2.0 Summit, comes back to Paris next month. Keeping with the spirit of last year’s edition, this year’s conference will continue to focus on how the social enterprise can (finally) be fully embraced by and adopted across organizations of all sizes.

The Enterprise 2.0 Summit, which is organized each year by Munich-based events firm and social enterprise thought leader Kongress Media, actually started in Germany but eventually migrated to Paris due to its strategic location. While earlier editions focused on educating the business world about the concept of the social enterprise and then convincing business leaders about the importance of social for their organizations, the focus now is squarely on the actions required to drive adoption of organizational collaboration (mastering the technology and practical adaptation of the organization); the cultural shift on the individual, group and organizational level; and the future design of the organization.

To tackle these topics, the Summit’s workshops and talks will be split into Practice Panels, focusing on case studies illustrating key lessons learned, and Expertise Discussions, focusing on expert recommendations and insights. Sessions will draw on experiences of organizations from various sectors including such big names as Bosch, Solvay, L’Oreal, La Farge, and ING and address such thought-provoking topics such as ‘Framework of the Social Enterprise & the Future of Work’, ‘Social as Enabler for Output Improvement’, and ‘Heading from Engagement to Passion in Future Work Performance’.

If you’d like to attend, you can get 15%-off on the conference pass using the code rb15 here. We’ll also be giving away one free ticket this week, so make sure to follow @rudebaguette if you don’t already for updates.