Enhancing user experience through flexible design

Enhancing user experience through flexible design

When we want to find or share information, we expect it to be easy, fast and fun; but usually it is time-consuming, boring and sometimes we don’t even succeed.

That’s why User Interface and User Experience Design come to our help and try to enhance our experience. Let’s see how it works in practice.


The core innovation at Youmiam is that you can visually insert content without feeling as if you were filling «tax forms».

You start by posting a nice picture of a plate, then you «go to the market» and put ingredients in your basket with the help of text and visual hints, while a navigation path shows where you are in the process.

Step by step, dragging and dropping ingredients, as if you were actually cooking, you end up with an online recipe ready to share and a lot of information filled up without even noticing.


The homepage is a wall of current movies that gets tailored to your taste, where you can find a movie and a theater, with almost no need for a search engine.

The design is full of tricks helping the user to understand the navigation, suggesting new content or actions. If you have no idea of what to see, you can scroll down and navigate through the -TV like- geolocalized theaters’ schedule.

If Cinemur stands out for the nerve of calling its app webpage «hello.cinemur» and for an original and intuitive visual navigation, it also does for its impressive loading speed.


For Meludia, the goal of music understanding and learning can be achieved through an “all senses” experience, with semiotics playing an important role through keywords choice and visual design.

Lines, forms, colors and words are chosen to convey specific feelings; even curves are preferred to lines, to suggest the non-linear learning process.

Music theory is explained associating sounds to imaginative words like texture, color and tones. For instance, experiencing the relationship of sounds in terms of “stability” helps us assimilate a complex concept of Harmony like cadence.

Today’s trends

Though there’s always a trend in design, some interesting and maybe lasting patterns can be found in today’s UI and UX design :

  • Unusual and intuitive interfaces
  • Easy and fun content managing
  • Care about the comfort of reading
  • Importance of semiotics in text and visual elements
  • High quality visuals
  • Fresh fonts

Thanks to technical and technological evolution, studies and feedback, new ideas are yet to come. We’re looking forward to see them.