Royal Cactus brings its popular Facebook game Jelly Glutton on iOS

Royal Cactus brings its popular Facebook game Jelly Glutton on iOS


Casual games may be a hits-based business, but when you’ve got a hit you’re a fool not to capitalize on it. Paris-based Royal Cactus has decided to capitalize on their addictive Facebook Game Jelly Glutton, bringing the game to iOS in December. The game, which counts 15 Million total players, of which 1 Million are playing the game every day, saw 200,000 downloads in its first month.

The company hopes to build out its Mobile Division, headed up by Erwan Maigret, though its portfolio only contains 6 casual games to date. Still, the Xange-backed company may have something up their sleeve.

In addition to a slew of experience between Erwan and founder Francois Pacot, the company is French, and French gaming companies are kicking butt on mobile, especially iOS. Big players like Gameloft & Ubisoft are monetizing well on iPhone, and players like Pretty Simple Games, who were rated the Top Facebook Game of 2013, along with Freshplanet (French & based in NYC), makers of SongPop & MoviePop, are proving that the little guys can take a big piece of the pie, too.

Currently, the company counts a total of 20 Million registered users. Like any good casual games company, they are releasing a new game every 3 months. Their venture on iOS will allow them to be a little less dependent on the Facebook ecosystem; though Facebook’s Developer platform will help them to bring users to their mobile app.

The next step for Royal Cactus will be to grow the userbase on other games, in order to diversify their portfolio – these days, it’s a fine line between Zynga &