With 200+ investments, Kima Ventures is hosting their first portfolio networking day

With 200+ investments, Kima Ventures is hosting their first portfolio networking day

Kima Day

Today, early stage seed fund Kima Ventures is organizing Kima Day, a one-day networking event for its portfolio companies, in order for journalists, VCs, and potential users & clients to see the companies in action. Kima Ventures, which is run by Jeremie Berrebi & Xavier Niel, has amassed over 200 investments in the past few years, and has developed and defended its reputation as fast & simple investors.

The conference is being livestreamed throughout the day – the schedule and livestream video are available below for you to watch. The day’s highlights include Facebook’s Head of Partnerships for EMEA Julien Codorniou, serial entrepreneur & investor Nenad Cetkovic, Softtech VC Partner Jeff Clavier & Vente Privée founder Jacques-Antoine Granjon.

Kima Ventures has had quite a run as a European early stage VC. Having carved a reputation for signing checks after just a Skype chat (Kima Ventures partner Jeremie Berrebi spends most of his time in Tel Aviv), the company has had a good range of successful exits in the short time since its launch – Sparrow (to Google), Rapportive (to LinkedIn), Producteev (to Jive), to name a few.

Kima Day appears to be Kima Ventures’ first attempt to leverage its ever-growing popularity, as well as provide value to its portfolio beyond quick money – with 200+ investments and just a few partners, mentors & employees, Kima does not have a reputation for being the most active of investors. Kima Day will be Kima’s first attempt at such an event, and we’ll be there to check it out!


9:45 AM             Breakfast/Arrival

10:30 AM           Intro by Jeremie

10:40 AM           Startups Presentation (25)

11:55 AM           Pitch: The evolution of the Facebook Platform in the last 12 months by Julien Codorniou

12:15 PM           Keynote with Ilya Sukhar Parse CEO (sold to FB)

12:30 PM           Breakfast / Cocktail

2:05 PM             Startups Presentation (30)

3:35 PM             Nenad Cetkovic: Sell and manage 2000+ customers + Global expansion

3:55 PM            Jeff Clavier “What you need to know if you want to raise capital from SV”?

4:25 PM            Break Coffee

5:10 PM            Startups Presentation (25)

6:40 PM            Panel : Differents ways to raise money

7:30 PM            Jacques-Antoine Granjon – Vente Privée

7:50 PM           Closing Remarks

8:00 PM           Cocktail/Dinner Networking