Inside Deezer’s Offices – Music, Street Art & Conviviality

Inside Deezer’s Offices – Music, Street Art & Conviviality

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The following photos were taken by Dan Taylor (cofounder, Heisenberg Media) in December 2013, as part of “The Paris Startup Scene: A photo essay.” the full Deezer Album is available on Facebook & Google+.

In just two years since their international expansion announcement, the company has come a long way. After raising €100 Million, Deezer has solidified its position in the race to become the next great online music platform – competitors include Spotify, Rdio, iTunes & Pandora – and has managed to internationalize its image, its product & its user base.

Step 1) Bring in Top-Level Artists. The Deezer Sessions

Deezer office

Paris Office Tour 2-48 Paris Office Tour 2-47 Paris Office Tour 2-49

Paris Office Tour 2-50 Paris Office Tour 2-51Paris Office Tour 2-46

One of the big evolutions in Deezer in the past few years has been the Deezer Sessions, live music sessions hosted in Deezer’s offices. Though it started before Deezer moved into their new offices, they have since begun inviting artists to leave a note on a dedicated wall, and the quality of indie bands – everything from New Zealand’s Lorde to London Grammer, from Birdy to Phoenix – have stopped by to play a small set for Deezer.

Music at the core of their product, at the core of their office

Paris Office Tour 2-65

Paris Office Tour 2-79 Paris Office Tour 2-43

Paris Office Tour 2-53

Deezer’s office is filled with references to iconic songs, artists, and music paraphernalia. Whether it’s the 10 foot tall banner that reads “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” above the main entrance, the neon light “paint it black” on the wall, or the albums that literally line the walls of the office hallway, you cannot walk through the Deezer offices without knowing exactly what their focus is.

Facilitating Startup Culture – Reflection & Connection

Paris Office Tour 2-62

Paris Office Tour 2-92 Paris Office Tour 2-93 Paris Office Tour 2-89  Paris Office Tour 2-91

Paris Office Tour 2-95

Deezer’s offices feel welcoming and friendly – we stumbled upon the 4PM goûter when we arrived, which saw a cohort of colleagues celebrating a birthday with a baked cake. There are both intimate cabins for reflection & discussion, as well as welcoming common-space meeting spots, which seem to always have two or more people occupying them. In fact, whenever I have stopped by Deezer, I have always been welcomed by 2 or 3 familiar faces in the common space – during our visit, it was CEO Axel Dauchez & Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely.

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