Deezer vs. Spotify: a side-by-side comparison

Deezer vs. Spotify: a side-by-side comparison

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I’m a pretty ardent believer in the idea that it is better to use the best products than local products. I rarely give favor to local versions of products that I use, when I feel they are ‘me-toos’ – I use Eventbrite, and not Weezevent or Amiando, I use LinkedIn and not Viadeo – and this became particularly evident as I began visiting Deezer more frequently this year. Habitually running into founder Daniel Marhely, I never lied – “I’m a premium Spotify user, and I don’t plan on changing.” – but earlier this year, when Deezer announced a re-vamp of their newsfeed (dubbed ‘Hear This’) as well as some impressive subscriber numbers, I realized that I didn’t have a reason why I didn’t use Deezer that didn’t date back to my 2010 experiences with the service.

Switching & Comparing

In early November I set out to switch from Spotify to Deezer, but first I had to define a set of criteria on which I could compare the two services. I took the time to think about my personal habits, likes/dislikes, and needs when it came to music (and specifically, Spotify), and I decided to look at 5 key areas that could be isolated and assessed: Product Design, Music Discovery, the Mobile experience, the Offline experience and the App Store. These five areas corresponded well to how I experience music today, and while I wasn’t going to give specific weight to any of them, they gave me a basis to judge the two services.

I had thought about trying Rdio and other services; however, when Rdio announced in November that they were laying off 30+ employees, I realized that this three-horse race had just become a two-horse race, and decided to just try Deezer vs. Spotify.

Nota bene: it’s easy to switch & the music’s not all the same

Deezer v SpotifyThere were two assumptions that I had initially made and planned on assessing, that turned out to be wrong. The first was that switching services would be hard, which was busted quickly when one Deezer user introduced me to Spotizr, a service that pulls your Spotify playlists into Deezer (there is a similar service, that allows you to do the same thing). Any ‘network effect’ that one service (or its users) claims to have over the other are essentially null.

The second assumption that was proven wrong was that the catalogs of the two services are identical – my realization of this came when I carried my “Chill Out” Spotify playlist over to Deezer, and upon listening found that not all songs had been carried over (specifically, Obadiah Parker’s bombtastic acoustic cover of “Hey Ya” – available here in Spotify, is nowhere to be found on Deezer). Spotify’s press page claims that they have over 20 million tracks licensed,  while Deezer’s november announcement included a mention of 30 Million licensed songs; there is clearly a large gap in music provided by the two services, yet no real way to know what you’re missing out on.


Deezer is available in 150 countries more than Spotify (180 vs 32), meaning that much of their 10 Million tracks may be local artists; however, Deezer isn’t available in the US, so artists only available in the US wouldn’t be available on Deezer. Also, as tracks are licensed on a country-by-country basis, it’s difficult to tell how many tracks a user in any given country has for each service.

Product Design – adjusting expectations

I knew going into Deezer that I was going to have to adjust to the difference in design; however, I likened this to the switch between iOS and Android. No one ever likes a new haircut, so I was determined to not let this get in my way. On Spotify, I had been using the iOS app on my iPhone 4S and the Desktop app on my Asus Zenbook; having rarely used Spotify’s web interface, I was a bit stunned that Deezer didn’t have a desktop app (equally stunned that Spotify had a web interface, which is awful compared to the Desktop app).

I know the tendency is to say that the future of apps is the web, but HTML5 has a huge hole when it comes to ‘offline mode.’

What really let me down about Deezer’s web app was the little things: for example, using the scroll feature on my touchpad would make songs start and stop, and using the left and right arrows would make the song skip forward and backwards – the limitations of web browsers make it such, for me at least, that the hotkeys on desktop apps are ultimately better attuned to the user’s needs, and not to restrictions around use of ctrl and alt.

I moved beyond this, though it took me a bit of time – not having a desktop app really was a minus for me. In the product design department, Spotify certainly took the cake – not only because it’s pretty, but because I feel more comfortable using it, even when it comes to music discovery.

Music Discovery – getting out of the echo chamber

Music discovery is a huge part of the listening experience – I used Pandora exclusively for years because of their ability to pull out what I called “Pandora bands” – bands you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered if it weren’t for your obscure radio station that mixed Audioslave, The Shins & DMX. On Spotify, I had been slowly building my aforementioned “Chill Out” playlist to be the perfect ‘background music while you work’ playlist. In order to grow that playlist, I would use Spotify’s “make a radio station out of your playlist” feature, which admittedly lacked in the discovery aspect after about 50 songs, but was still the most common way I used Spotify.

The Playlist–>Radio Station feature doesn’t exist on Deezer – a point which initially made me go back to Spotify for half a day during my Deezer trial when I didn’t have time to figure out how to hit play and work. You can only create radio stations from artists (understandable), and you have to go to the artist page in order to launch the radio (not reasonable).

Deezer ultimately positions its ‘discovery’ element around its new Hear This feed, and I wasn’t going to pout for two weeks about the features it didn’t have that I was used to, so I began regularly going to the home page to see what it proposed. Initially it was middle-of-the-line music — The Jimi Hendrix Experience, some Pop music, etc. — all curated by Deezer employees; however, at some point it recommended me The Strokes, and I ended up listening to the whole album. After that, the Hear This feed got a bit more interesting – it still had some misses, but I genuinely felt like my choices were being taken into account.


Today, for example, the home page showed a new single by the Nine Black Alps, which happens to be one of my aforementioned “Pandora bands.” The suggestions continue – Less Than Jake, Better Than Ezra, a 90’s radio station, Deftones, … – some are a bit outside of my current tastes (Sugar Ray), but they all actually hit pretty close to that “I wouldn’t have thought to listen to them, but, yeah, I could go for that right now.”

Discovery algorithms are always a question of time – you can’t expect a company to know your tastes from day one, but you have to jump on opportunities to give them data they can use (i.e: listen to recommendations when you like them). While both companies claim to have complex algorithms to push recommendations, Spotify feels to me like it plays it a bit too close to home, quickly putting you in a box of of liking ‘this type of music’ ; Deezer is willing to take a risk when it comes to discovery, and so I’ve got to give it to them for their discovery element.

Mobile & Offline

Here’s a puzzle for you: when the only time you listen to music on your mobile is when you’re underground (in the metro), how are you ever supposed to use the “offline” feature of a music service? 10 days into my trial with Deezer, I had downloaded the mobile app, but I had never used it: every time I went to do so, I couldn’t get network to download my music, and Spotify’s app, which must’ve downloaded my playlists one day when I came home and connected to wifi, kept bidding me to come back to comfort.

Getting beyond that frustration, Deezer’s recent updates to its mobile app have taken it from a clunky app with too many buttons to one that matches its web experience – image centric and all about the feed – and actually has come up with an app that has something to offer beyond being a music player.

photo 1Spotify’s mobile experience is faithful to its desktop app: the focus is around the player – you can seamlessly listen to artists, playlists, radios of either, whatever you want – while Deezer mobile app pushes, again, to the discovery aspect.

Remember my homepage on the web experience? Those same recommendations appear on my mobile app. Deezer’s player is now also on the bottom, like Spotify’s iOS app, but I find that Deezer’s album search and explore section works even better on mobile than on the web.

Deezer’s app has only been updated in the past week, and it honestly makes a “huge” difference, as the developer notes for the update puts it.

As I prefer discovery to comfortable listening, I’m going to have to give it to Deezer for Mobile; however, the lack of a desktop app on Windows is painful for me, and so I’m going to give it to Spotify for Offline listening.

The App Store

Calling either Deezer or Spotify a ‘platform’ today would be a bit much – both have their own app stores, which share about 80% of the apps, but it doesn’t feel like a core feature (or utility) for users. There are cool apps like Seevl that are on Deezer and not Spotify, as well as Tunigo, available only on Spotify (acquired by Spotify earlier this year) – yet most of the apps seem to be attempts at self-promotion. I won’t blame either of the services for Pitchfork magazine’s lack of creativity with its app, but it is evidence that the app ecosystem just isn’t there – mostly coming down to the fact that both services have signed contracts with labels, making it illegal for app developers to make money on the music in their apps.

If either Deezer or Spotify were to enable app developers to make money by incorporating music into their apps, two things would happen:

  1. You would have a sudden influx of apps incorporating music in creative ways, often for free with ads but sometimes paid
  2. Music Labels would officially serve zero purpose.

Labels today are distributors – that’s what they promise, that’s what they offer, and that’s why they take the lion’s share of artists’ money – however, if Deezer & Spotify create an ecosystem where developers can monetize music incorporated into their apps, then suddently the music platforms take over the distribution role. This is why the music services have live music sessions – like Deezer Sessions – because its royalty-free music is the first step towards creating a label behind the music service.

As for now, I have been more impressed with Deezer’s integration into 3rd party apps – eDJing, Soundrop, Seevl, and others – and they seem to make a larger push to developers than Spotify does. Spotify’s attitude so far has been to acquire or invest in any remotely successful Spotify app, which is good for those developers, but bad for creating a 3rd party ecosystem.

Ultimately, Deezer’s integration with apps (the ability to open 3rd party apps via the mobile site and be redirected to their native app, for example) gives them a bit of a boost, and so I’ll give the App Store score to Deezer

Drawing Conclusions – Which Service To Use.

Despite having an open mind about this trial, I went into it expecting to be disappointed in my confirmation that Spotify was a better product all around than Deezer; the reality is that, due to their recent Hear This update, I was convinced to switch to Deezer and I’ll be wrapping up my Spotify premium account in the next week or so and switching over.

I don’t think everyone should switch, but I think that for what I want out of a music service, Deezer is good where it counts. I’m going to keep bugging the team about making it so that I can convert playlists into radio stations; however, I’ve gotten used to pulling an artist out my playlists and making it into a radio station, and I think that Deezer does discovery well, whereas I felt like I was getting stuck in a loop with Spotify.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be back at the drawing boards in six months, but for now, I find myself happy using Deezer’s mobile app (still waiting on the Desktop app, but who needs Desktop anyway?), and their ‘Hear This’ feed really seems to be more than an image-centric redesign.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t assume that all services are the same: if you’re using Deezer, try out Spotify, and likewise for Spotify users. You may find that one matches your music listening preferences better than the other.

95 Responses

  1. Paulin

    I have the same feeling about discovery in spotify : it sucks. I have a playlist full of very diverse music, and the playlist’s radio now only plays traditional spanish music… maybe I liked a similar track once and now the playlist seems stuck forever

  2. Emmanuel Bellity (@ebellity)

    Did it end up improving for the mobile offline mode in the subway ? That’s a dealbreaker for me

    • Liam Boogar

      The Mobile/Offline works just fine -it has the same ‘sync’ feature as Spotify (if you’re familiar).

      The problem is making sure to take the time, when you’re at home/office, to tell Deezer to sync your songs. I just kept running into the problem where I only used the mobile app when I had no network, and then my songs couldn’t sync.

      Other than that, the services are identical.

    • Emmanuel Bellity (@ebellity)

      Yep, I have the exact same problem than you with Spotify 🙂 Also the sync doesn’t seem to work flawlessly now

    • Brad Patterson

      Interesting read with feedback for both platforms. Nice that you gave Deezer a full go despite your hesitation in the beginning, and that, by the end, your experience actually made you switch over.

      Deezer was free with my Orange subscription so I gave it a go, and the offline mode was actually something that kept me going with it. Easy to choose songs/artists that I wanted to hear more of, and on the go w/o a connection.

      I agree with Paulin below that discovery still has a way to go though on both platforms. What my friends are listening to on spotify is a pretty cool move in that direction, but unfortunately as Deezer’s not-US-based yet, that’s not an option. Will have to check out “Hear this”

  3. Colin Cheng (@seocolin)

    I use Deezer over Spotify (mostly because it originally came free with my mobile phone subscription in the UK). Over the past year it really has come on leaps and bounds and the web interface is great – I love the new Hear This feed it’s great. The number of songs has also improved and I think they’re doing a great job at sourcing overseas music (I listen to a lot of Asian music). I have noticed that sometimes there’s a bigger delay in getting the latest songs compared to Spotify and searching is very limited and actually annoying. If you misspell a song’s name or an artist, Deezer doesn’t match it up for you – Spotify is much better at this. Overall, I really like Deezer – to the point where I now pay for it outside of my free service with my phone. It was also only £4.99 when I signed up which is a lot cheaper than Spotify.

    Good post though! Nice comparison 🙂

  4. Ouriel Ohayon

    Liam i would not burry Rdio so quickly. they are the second highest grossing music app in the US after Pandora and are showing in the top 50…

    For me Both Deezer and Spotify still are behind in terms of what they could do with Discovery. Discovery should be designed for lazy people and passive consumption and the best place to do this is WHILE listening. no one is doing this for now and once this happens it will be a game changer (Youtube is already playing with that).

    • Liam Boogar

      Your generalization of “both Deezer & Spotify” leads me to suggest that you haven’t tried Deezer again in the past few weeks.

      I really do believe that the update that Deezer made to its feed has improved the product about as much as their PR team would like you to bleieve – that is, a whole lot.

      I don’t like Spotify’s discovery, and I thought Deezer’s would be on the same level. But it’s not – I don’t know why, but it just isn’t. It’s better, and I’m letting Deezer decide what I listen to much more than I ever did with Spotify.

      I would argue that Deezer’s discovery experience is on par with Pandora’s (or at least, as good as it was in 2010 – haven’t used in in France, obviously).

  5. Alex.

    I believe that the discovery issue is one of the main reason Deezer and Spotify are building those in-app ecosystems. Now that both have been successful in content licensing, they need to find smart ways to let listeners explore it (and avoid churn).

    Letting hungry and foolish start-ups (disclosure, I’m co-founder of one of them, building seevl) experiment and build products in the area is a good way to see what works, and to explore the possibilities that online music discovery can offer.

    That said, I feel that Deezer’s “Hear This” is very good at this! And they’re indeed very friendly and open to talk to app developers, so a big +1 for them!

  6. Lorenzo Nizzi Grifi (@neuromante74)

    Deezer is an excellent service BUT the iphone app still has a major bug and lacks an important feature. The major bug affects the impossibility to play songs longer than 16 minutes…Furthermore no gapless playback. Rdio is perfect.

  7. David Ryan

    A great shootout – especially because I’ve been an Rdio user for the last year or so and haven’t kept up with the other horses in the race. I need to take some time this weekend to check them out, and see if there’s any apps available for my poor Boxee…

  8. Angel ArtStyle

    First of all, Deezer has always been my decent pick because Spotify nor Rdio doesn’t support in my country,although I can use a proxy but that’s not an option because it has to do with streaming’s speed . Rdio has never been my choice because doesnt support offline mode,although it has better GUI than both of them (it sucks). How about the sound quality? I couldn’t easily tell which service sounded better,both of deezer and spotify claim up to 320kbps bitrate

  9. Eugenio

    Hello Liam and thanks for your very interesting analysis.
    A new service has been launched two weeks ago in partnership with Deezer: Mentor.FM; it is basically a one-click listening and discovering radio, you can give it a try here: Disclaimer: I am the author.

    As a developer, I must say that the ecosystem that Deezer provides, while not perfect, it’s way better than than the Spotify counterpart: building apps just inside the spotify main application is a huge limit in my opinion.

  10. David Jouarisse

    Deezer enables “repeat” one song in a playlist, not Spotify. You can listen to your Deezer Music in Russia, not Spotify (and Spotify in the US, not Deezer..). But in Russia, as you may well use in France for free, the app and site VK, with totally free music and videos; for those who want to pay none of Spotify, Deezer or Netflix… Personally I made the choice a long time back to pay 10€/month as a sort of personal tax for the music industry instead of buying music here and there once in a while.

  11. B-a Lim

    I love my Deezer, on my Android and also on its website. The local selections are amazing too (for Malaysia). So far so good.

  12. Jason Cooke

    I’d like to hear more feedback on the sound quality and bitrate. A deal breaker for me. I’m currently on the Deezer £4.99 month deal, it ends in 5 months, but I’d switch to Spotify if it’s a higher quality. Personally I don’t believe Deezer plays at a 320 bitrate.

  13. Moi

    This electronic artist I’m quite fond of is not much available on deezer Glass Candy, but deeply on spotify. Just a random instance

  14. Andrew G

    My mobile network contract gives me Deezer mobile for free, and whilst it was limiting that I would have to pay extra for PC use, this is not an issue now because tablets use the mobile app and subscription. So for financially practical reasons Spotify isn’t in the running for me.

    The update to Deezer is a big improvement, I have the new version on my Xperia Z1, but it hasn’t yet come to Amazon App Store for my Kindle Fire, so I also use the old app, and there are really major improvements in place.

    • Julia

      How do you know when your paying for albums is it easy to spot,
      I’m thinking of joining through my mobile,
      And how much data

  15. Ben

    I used to be signed up to Spotify, however, I switched over to Deezer as it was provided for free with my mobile phone contract. One area that Deezer really kicks the ass of Spotify is in album/artist/playlist management in the mobile app – I have a lot of playlists for listening to albums offline and sorting them was a manual affair in Spotify, whereas, in Deezer they are auto sorted to show synced playlists at the top and all in alphabetical order…..I like order…. 🙂

    • Alex Jubien (@AlexJubien)

      Thx Ben, glad to read that the way things are sorted pleases you. In fact, this choice was quite simple when we started to work on that part: a playlist you synced is obviously a playlist you like a lot or you plan to listen to often, so it’s quite near a “favorite playlist” and it should be placed on top – for easy access but also for ease to add tracks. Simple yet powerful paradigm, thought mobile 1st a long time ago (in 2009 if I recall).

  16. Vinicius

    Deezer dont have led zeppelin 🙁

  17. johnny

    Im actually speaking from experience: had a Deezer premium account for about a year now, and I must say that Im switching back to Spotify. Deezer is clogged with vague album compilations with karaoke or cover version of artists/songs instead of the real thing (no wonder they claim to have more songs..). The radio function really sucks and is focussed on French audience. Most irritating, for some unknown reason you cant skip songs in playlists. By far they dont have the variety of artists found on Spotify.

  18. natella111

    I’m liking Deezer so far, although Discovery feature was not really helpful, but it might be due to the fact that I just started using it. I might need to tell it more what kind of music I like.
    One minus for me is that in Explore and Charts tabs I get a lot of Turkish and Russian music, which I don’t really like. Their suggestions are probably based on my geo location, but nothing close to my real taste.

  19. Chris

    Currently, you cannot sort tracks on Spotify using the PC version. This follows one of those fashionable updates when some idiot in the marketing department jumps on the bandwagon of less equals more. Remove features people care about and we’ll get more customers! Well, I for one have dumped my premium membership of Spotify.

    • joe blogs

      yeah i really would like that feature you would expect it to be a given but no. but its not a am not paying thing for me without a streaming service i dont have any music!!

  20. Tupsy

    I used to have Spotify for more then a year.
    I really liked it, specially the feature of sharing playlist with facebook friends.
    Only real problem was the Spotify app on my 4 Logitech Squuezeboxes. REALLY unstable. 🙁
    And no support from Spotify or Logitech to solve it. 🙁
    So I tryed Deezer.
    100% stable on Squeezebox and I like the “missing” desktop app. Start the browser, login and ready. 🙂
    Only thing missing is the easy way to find new great playlists made by users. (al least I have not found the way yet.)
    An also missing the music sharing with facebook friends. (But that most because not many in Denmark is using Deezer. )

    So because of the stable Squeezebox app I will stay on Deezer.

  21. Kay L.

    i test spotify a few month ago, but i dont realy remember what was the reason that i dont use it anymore.

    since the last days i tested deezer, because i saw a icon in shazam and so i start a try.

    i use it under iOS on a 5s and be realy happy about, that the player is completly integrated. mean, it is possible to put the phone in standby mode and the music dont stop (if i remember right, with spotify it dosent work, if i get out from the spotify app, the music stopps)

    so i tried to bind my phone with my audi music interface via bluetooth and i was surprised that i was able to hear the music from deezer over bluetooth in my car.
    thats the biggest like for me 😉

    • joe blogs

      spotify does not stop if you come out the app you can change songs from your home screen and notification bar just like deezer.

  22. Roger

    The one issue I have with both deezer and spotify is you pay a monthly premium download tracks but they are not yours!
    As soon as you stop paying a month later they are not available off line, I believe once you have paid, the music should be yours.

    • Oliver

      While that would be awfully convenient for the consumer, it would basically destroy the platform and put a serious dent in an already dented industry. There would be little reason to stay subscribed for more than a month here and there, to download as much music as possible in bulk, effectively rendering the actual purchase of records rather pointless for most.

      It could, in theory, give you 20-30 million songs for about 10 euros. Something that, if you went in to a record store, would cost you roughly 37 500 000 euros, about 50 000 000 dollars, or some other ridiculous amount in whatever currency (based on record prices in Sweden).

      Anyway, as far as I know, their only other source of revenue is selling commercial space in the free version. Imagine how much space they would have to sell to cover those losses. It would probably become rather cluttered.

      Personally, I think that it’s way too cheap already, but at least the subscriptions bring in some form of revenue that won’t interrupt you every other song to tell you about something you don’t care about.

      Lastly, I am one of the millions of people who write and record music for a living and who makes some of their money through services like Spotify or Deezer. I can tell you that the amount is rather insignificant as it is, but without the subscriptions, that amount could only shrink.

      Sorry about the long, possibly rather incoherent rant. I’m not trying to put you in your place or anything, I just wanted to share a different perspective.


    • Eugenio

      Oliver gets the point: it’s already too cheap … years ago people could legally purchase just one album (or even less) per month with €10 … now with €10 they can access 30 million songs and they still complain….I don’t get it.

    • Nick Pretzel

      Don’t apologize, I didn’t think you were ranting, nor did I think you were incoherent. I am a musician myself and I agree with what you said. Having said that, I used Deezer largely to replace the records and CDs that a former girlfriend stole from me. As such, I feel that I have already paid for the right to listen to these records offline. I do also record some of the albums that I have on Deezer. However, I will continue to pay my subscription fees, I don’t intend to just download what I want and cancel my subscription.

    • Axel

      The offline modus provided by deezer and spotify is only valid for some time. That is part of their license. You could on the other hand record some tracks that you are playing on Deezer and thus create mp3’s for your private use. There are some Audio recorders like Audials Tunebite on the market. To use these Recorders is legal even though you can imagine spotify and deezer are not to happy about users doing just that.

  23. Dickie Dann

    Hi Liam

    6 months on .. are you still happy you switched?

  24. heng

    Deezer imo is complete junk, the newly introduced ‘flow’ basically regurgitate your listening history. Their radio stations also do not refresh their playlist, so basically playing the same songs from a month ago. Their ‘hear this’ feature? They seem to never fit me at all, and I find myself hitting the next button more often. Their chart seems to be based on locality and is filled with Malay songs when accessed from where I reside. Their ‘explore’ feature? I don’t know what makes them think I’m interested in other country’s popular songs in languages I don’t comprehend. The sub par quality app on windows phone is the nail in the coffin for me. Spotify instead is breathe of fresh air. Their plethora of playlist selection ensures it will fit anyone’s taste anytime and I can finally concentrate on my work than getting fed up with poor song selections.

    • Eugenio

      For a personalized radio station feature I advise you to also try Mentor.FM, which takes into account your deezer history, your history and your Facebook account.

  25. Capt. Francis

    I’ve been a solid Spotify user ever since I embraced more to music streaming than purchasing songs/albums. When Deezer was introduced in our country (due to a recent agreement with a local company in PH) I tried Deezer. I was so surprised that Deezer allows me to listen to almost all local music compared to a very limited selections in Spotify.

    After a week, my transition to Deezer was complete. Although Spotify really has a good looks when it comes to appearance and such, Deezer experience is better than that of my Spotify days.

  26. Gabriel Goldzweig

    I´ve just switched from spotify to deezer, but I think that I already regret my decision. It´s not the same library. I have imported lots of playlists from spotify but some songs are missing on Deezer.
    I´ll use it for a month, cause I already paid for a subscription, but when it expires, I´ll go back to Spotify.
    Spotify is much easier to find new songs. They dont have a Country section in Deezer, that´s absurd.

  27. Gerard Marciano

    You guys might want to get a Sonos Connect and use Sonos radio. Hundreds of real radio stations, commercial free, that suit infinite tastes. All manner of ways to set up playlists…I got tired of a computer or computer geeks putting together what I had access to. This is real people doing commercial free radio from everywhere offering all kinds of music. Extraordinary college radio (WFUV) and the amazing Folk Alley…once you begin exploring, you find just the right stations for your taste and you can put them in a list of favorites. Changed everything for me. Good luck!

  28. rohan

    I bought a sonos and got deezer free for a year so I’m using the artist radio stations, which I’ve found are essentially playlists made by . what i really want from these artist radio stations is just to hear the artist i have chosen, or at least mostly them. If I choose tom waits radio, I get one tom waits song, then loads of other artists i don’t particularly like. how do I just get tom waits songs, of which there are literally hundreds.

  29. Wally

    Like Rohan, when I click on an artist I would like to hear that artist and not similar artists / types. Does anyone know how I can listen to all the tracks of one artist on one album rather than one track, someone different and then back to my chosen artist? I could do this on Spotify. Simple concept!!

  30. GranDT

    Deezer’s desktop app is working fine

  31. Nick Woolley

    One thing I hate about Deezer is that is changes the sorting for albums and artists back to newly added every fucking time. I want it A-Z.

  32. Larry McJunkin

    When will Deezer be available in the US? Their website always says “Deezer is coming soon…signup now”.

  33. Flavio

    Well, it’s over an year from the date of this post, but since I am also evaluating differences among streaming services I thought to add a couple of points to the already good article.

    – Personal music: I can import the music I have on my desktop into my Spotify and listen to it, useful
    especially when that music is not available, but that works only on desktop and not on mobile; Deezer on the other hand let me upload my music and makes it available also on mobile, even offline. 1 more point for Deezer!

    – Discovery: Spotify has plenty of playlists made by other users or by partners (Billboard charts, Twitter playlists, …) and I haven’t yet found anything similar on Deezer.

    Right now I feel more oriented towards Deezer, but more players could be considered. Did you make a similar comparison with Google Play All Access + YouTube Music Key? And how about Rhapsody/Napster (which is offered with some mobile plan by an Italian carrier)?

    • Kaspars Kursišs

      You can actually upload your own tracks if you fancy to! I think it’s both desktop and OSX app feature.

  34. Gene Senior

    Great article. I have found myself using both services to be honest. I love the Flow button in Deezer and now that I have realized I can import my playlists … Deezer might get a bump up 🙂
    I’m in Canada fwiw so I find the availability of music to be about the same between the two services which I use at work and at home with my Squeezebox wireless network.

  35. Will

    Deezer is driving me crazy, no parental controls and no real way to tell it never to play a song I don’t like again.

    Can’t use flow or radio channel anywhere my kids might be because of the deluge of explicit tracks they would be subjected to.

    • Lukas

      If u touch the bottun with a hearth and a stroke over it, it wont ever play that song again

    • Matty Vasquez

      Spotify has neither of these features… I absolutely hate certain artists and genres which Spotify keeps suggesting on the newsfeed and radio

    • Brecht

      PARENTAL CONTROLS???? really serious now??? common? Why would music need parental control?

    • Brecht

      I’ve been listening to the most brutal metal since I was 13 years old. Now 20 years later I still listen to it. Not in black clothes with army boots anymore. I’m a teacher for disabled youngsters and I have two sweet daughters. Don’t be to paranoia Will… You won’t fail in life because you hear explicit tracks.

    • abc

      Not sure how far you got into listening to explicit content songs in deezer Brecht, but it can get pretty nasty, there are quite a few explicit adult themes.

    • Dan

      9 and 11 year old were just caught off guard by the repeated use of “nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger” in last song on Deezer *work out* mix.

      Reckon parental controls would be handy.

  36. Marie

    I do not like the Deezer desktop interface.
    But their HEAR THIS is awesome. It makes me listen again to bands I had forgetten years ago (some I didnt even remember the name… then MAGIC!)

    On Spotify you end up listening to the very same over and over.
    Also in my country (Mexico) Deezer has more bands (The Cure, The Beatles) than Spoty

    • Marie

      Do I have to say that it took Deezer like acouple hours of use (it reads your facebook likes too) to know my taste on psychedelic music… while Spotify is always suggesting me to listen to cheap (really cheap) pop

  37. Vincent PROT (@cequejevois)

    Deezer limit to 1000 album to add to your favorites, is it the same thing in spotify ?

  38. F-Minus

    Deezer is missing so much material from artists that they actually have on there it’s not even funny, also some artists are duplicated or listed under different names, for examples bands that start with “the ” and band name is duplicated under “band name” and “the band name”, worse sometimes the albums and stuff is split between those two.

    From what I get it’s a huge mess, like my library was 12 years ago, before I started organizing.

  39. Ke

    So why cant I use my Criket account to play Deezer music on my desktop? If Im already paying for a premium subscription I think I should be able to play Deezer on any OS…IJS.

  40. Brecht

    The flow function on Deezer is simply magnificent! Made me discover so many good bands, crazy how they know what you will like + this function is free (but i have a premium account)

  41. kismetza

    Like Apple, Netflix, Pepsi, etc., those that couldn’t have been bothered to enter the South African market for so many years make going with those who had no such qualms a no-brainer. Deezer all the way and so far no complaints 🙂

  42. joe blogs

    i am trying out deezer just now after using spot for a good while. i cant seem to add tracks to my q?? when i select a tune the option is just not there? the UI on S is much better than D altho the volume output through my good headphones is better on D than on S although S is better quality. i find it hard to believe the D is streaming at 320kbps.(of course set on the highest quality on both) On both i cant rearrange my playlist or my Q which is annoying but not a buzzkill. i tried to download the windows 8 app from the store and it will plain just refuse to install which is another bad thing. the first time i opened deezer it just wouldn’t load even low it was over 4g and S was working fine as per usual. i am still on my 15 day trial and will certainly give it is chance. it gets a big bonus for louder output but its quality is lacking and once i get a headphone amp that win will go!

  43. Rob

    Why does Deezer keep shutting down on my desktop. Please help.
    The reason I mainly converting to Deezer is I cannot add the first song to Spotify queue, most annoying.

  44. rompelstompel

    You offer a side-by-side comparison, but I don’t see it.

  45. allegoricali

    I like Deezer because Taylor Swift tracks are there. Not sure why Taylor has no issue with Deezer when it’s practically the same as Spotify. I am left to assume that the payment schemes different, which makes me think Deezer could be a better app (at least to it’s musicians).

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  54. Misplaced_One

    As an expat, I loath the fact that as you rightly state,

    “tracks are licensed on a country-by-country basis”
    – so even though I can look at the CD on my shelf, I cannot always listen to it when on the road. At least Deezer makes it easy for me to upload them.

    I was a heavy user of Pandora before they chose to withdraw from the UK.

    Now a days, while there are still bits I miss, Deezer is my go to music service, I even spent a day or two teaching it my music tastes.

    Now we just need it to roll out the family licensing as they have in France so that my wife doesn’t keep adding Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift to my music listening playlists!

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  61. RP

    I’m seriously thinking of switching to Spotify as Deezer mobile app keeps dissapointing me over and over.
    Some tracks I listen to are suddenly unavailable for a couple of days then available again.
    Some tracks are not even complete and a couple of seconds is missing in the end.

    Does it work like this with Spotify…i wonder.

  62. Ariyadi

    Now, 2016…
    How about Apple Music and JOOX?

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