Rentabiliweb back to growth with a big jump in Q3 revenues

Rentabiliweb back to growth with a big jump in Q3 revenues


Digital monetization leader Rentabiliweb is back in growth mode having achieved 14.2% revenue growth last quarter, bringing their total revenues for the quarter to a higher than expected €18.2 million.  This strong performance brings their total revenues for the first 9 months of the year to a healthy €51.8 million.  Their strong performance was largely driven by their overall B-to-B professional services activity which posted 36% growth, hitting €8 million in revenues in Q3 and, of course notably, the continued success of their well-received B2Bill multicard bank payment solution.

logo-be2billHaving launched in 2012, Be2Bill has quickly grown to become one of the star activities in their portfolio. Although Rentabiliweb’s revenue profile still leans heavily towards B-to-C digital activities, Be2Bill has emerged as a key part of their strategy to grow their B-to-B business.  Perhaps they principal driver of Be2Bill’s success has been the clear results that it delivers Rentabiliweb’s e-commerce clients. In fact, a recent study conducted by A/B Tasty, proved B2Bill’s power impact on merchant site shopping cart conversion rates. To arrive at these results, A/B Tasty compared Be2Bill versus a traditional bank payment solution for Be2Bill client over a 15-day period.  The results of the test proved to be significant, with 1) Be2bill obtaining a conversion rate that was 7.1% higher than that of the bank across all transactions conducted during the period and 2) Be2Bill’s conversion rate outperforming the bank’s  by 10.7% for all transactions for new customers.

Given the strong results coming out of the study, Rentabiliweb has decided to conduct a more comprehensive study which will measure Be2bill against the solutions offered by the main traditional French banks. The results from this study will be incorporated into a broader report from the group on online payments which will be released sometime in 2014.