MoviePop, a follow-up to SongPop, sees FreshPlanet look to expand their Quiz franchise

MoviePop, a follow-up to SongPop, sees FreshPlanet look to expand their Quiz franchise


It seems like only yesterday SongPop came into all of our lives posing the existential question: “What song is this?” The app has gone on to see millions of downloads, was named by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as his favorite game (it was also the top rated game of 2012 on Facebook), and saw more than 60 Million downloads by the end of 2012 alone.

Despite their moderate success, other titles by New York-based FreshPlanet, such as Dreamland and Spalife, haven’t had the same success as Songpop; however, French CEO Mathieu Nouzareth seems ready to move on to bigger and better things. The Freshplanet team are making huge waves this month with MoviePop, having already reached top charts in the Games (Trivia) section. Within 24 hours of their most recent build (currently, 1.0.4), which launched last Wednesday, the team had caught the attention of App Store tracker around the world.

The game, which operates similar to SongPop, plays excerpts of popular movies and has players guessing the title of the movie as quickly as they can. The team has undoubtedly mastered the mechanics of this game, having perfected SongPop over the past 18 months (see: SongPop: where Cloning Good Design can get you), and it seems quite sure that MoviePop – despite the existence of several games of similar nature & name – will become a viral hit.

According to the game’s App description and App Annie history, it has been on the market since June of this year; however, it seems the team was working on perfecting the mechanics and getting out the bugs before they made their big push last week.

The FreshPlanet team may have gotten virality down to an exact science, they will have to tread lightly, as the one thing that users don’t want to feel is that they’re being dragged through the ‘same old game with a different name.’

MoviePop is currently available on iOS, Android & as a Facebook game.