Meninvest raises €1.5 Million for dude media: suits, sports & style

Meninvest raises €1.5 Million for dude media: suits, sports & style


Meninvest announced this month that they have raised an additional €1.5 Million, on top of the €10.1 Million the group has already raised, for their menswear-focused media, publishing and e-commerce. Founded by Marc Menasé, the media group, which runs sites like Menly, Menlook, as well as Oki-ni (acquired earlier this year), creates media targetted at men around fashion, lifestyle, sports and other themes, and also pushes eCommerce products of its brand partners.

Seen as the male counterpart to AuFeminin, which recently acquired My Little Paris, Meninvest counts 10 Million unique visitors per month, up from a reported 1.5 Million unique visitors earlier this year. Marc Menasé previously founded and sold Nextedia to the Largardère Group for $68 Million, and was among the co-founders of France Digitale, the association lobbying the French government on behalf of startups & investors.

The media world is filled with innovative female-oriented media groups, and Menasé is venturing into the surprisingly complicated market of creating media optimized to attract all men. Personally, suits & sports don’t really get my eyes glowing, but I can understand that the group is on the road to becoming a major outlet for brands looking to attract men.