Azendoo makes work even more collaborative with Skype integration

Azendoo makes work even more collaborative with Skype integration


Azendoo has been innovating at a fast pace, actively enhancing the Azendoo experience for its now 135k users. Over the past year they’ve had at least one big announcement each quarter, including their Evernote integration to kick the year off, roll-out of their new and improved platform last spring, their Box integration this past summer and many more.  Now to close out the year, the team has announced that Azendoo is now integrated with Skype.
One of the biggest challenges with work / project management solutions is keeping users engaged and actively using the tools. When the bulk of team activities and interactions can happen within the solution, this helps to drive greater team engagement and, ultimately, makes the solution more ‘sticky’.  With the Skype integration,  Azendoo users can connect instantly with any team member(s) by launching a voice call or a chat room directly from an Azendoo message or task.  This functionality enables them to synchronize their work a lot faster.

As the Azendoo team point out, this comprehensive approach to work management (ie managing the bulk of work activities within the solution) is sorely needed as remote work and international dispersion of teams increasingly becomes the norm.

logo azendooWith so many work / project management solutions out there (Trello, Insightly, Zoho, Asana, etc), Azendoo is definitely pushing hard to stand-out in this crowded space. Thus far, it looks like their effort is paying off.  In talking with their CEO Greg Lefort, 2013 has been a great year for them. As mentioned earlier, they now have 135k users. However, what’s most notable about this number is that 100k of these users joined since July 2013.  In addition, they are now solidly an international operation with a 80% / 20% international / France customer split. A US presence looks like it’s in the cards as the bulk of their customers are based in the States. The Evernote integration has obviously been a big win for them as it has helped them fast-pace ther US growth and helped them expand into the Chinese market. Of course, evolving their product design, adding new features and other product integrations have also helped drive user engagement, which is core to building a leading work management application.

Building out a more robust solution is also, naturally, taking them into new market segments such as larger businesses and education. Of course all of this progress is just the beginning for the Azendoo team and, as Lefort stressed, there’s a lot more great news and functionality to come.

If you’d like to check-out how the Azendoo / Skype integration will work, check-out the following: