Serious Game Expo’s 9th edition to descend on Lyon November 20th – 21st

Serious Game Expo’s 9th edition to descend on Lyon November 20th – 21st

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Each year, one of the top conferences on serious games comes to Lyon, namely the The Serious Game Expo which is organized by Imaginove. For all those unfamiliar with what serious gaming is, it is essentially:

“Applications developed using video games advanced technology, beyond the dimension of simple entertainment. They combine in fact gaming features with teaching, information, communication, marketing and ideological training.”

The topic of gamification has been a particularly hot one in recent years with big corporates, advertisers and startups alike looking to ‘gamify’ their products and services in an effort to better engage their customers. As a result, the serious gaming space has been getting quite a bit of attention of late and the serious gaming community continues to grow. The Serious Game Expo has reaped the benefits of the growing interest in this innovative field, as they expect more than 1000 visitors and 41 exhibitors at this year’s edition.

All elements of this year’s expo, are structured around three main themes, namely Human Resources – Training, Communication – Marketing, and Healthcare. More specifically, there will be several conferences around these topics including such sessions as ‘What value does gaming give to brands?’, ‘The operating room of the future’, ‘Simulation and immersion; push the boundaries of learning through technology’, and several more. They also will run various Consulting Workshops, whereby attendees will be able to  exchange with their peers who already using serious games in their business and get questions answers regarding the process of integrating serious gaming in their work. To highlight the latest innovations coming out of the sector, there will also be a sizeable exposition as well as awards given across the aforementioned themes.

Another thing that is great about the Expo is that it is very reasonably priced at just 80€/ticket. So if you’re working in or have a startup in Serious Games, are looking to incorporate serious gaming concepts in your business, or are simply curious about this growing area, register here to attend.