Developer School 42 announced as venue for the first Scala conference in France,

Developer School 42 announced as venue for the first Scala conference in France,


After launching the first Scala group in 2010, Scala enthusiast and super developer Alexis Agahi has rallied other group members, Clever Cloud and Lateral Thoughts to bring the first Scala conference in France. With similar events have been launched in other markets, most notably the series of Scala conferences organized by UK Skills Matter, Agahi and the organizing team have been working for quite a while to bring their upcoming event to France.  The element that set things in motion was the opportunity to partner with 42, the new developer school very recently launched by Xavier Niel, and host the first conference at the new school.

Focused squarely on the developer community, Scala.IO will bring together some of the top Scala and functional programming communities from around the world to share their experiences and ideas around creating new applications, libraries and frameworks. After a very successful call for speakers, Scala.IO will have 41 speakers from around the globe across 3 tracks and 1 workshop. For this first edition, 50% of the content will be in English, which in addition to the high-quality program, also has helped them attract 20-30% international attendees.

The French Scala User Community has successfully grown to 400 enthusiasts just in Paris alone with many, many more elsewhere in France. However, with early bird tickets to their first Scala conference selling out in 2 hours and only 49 tickets now remaining, there’s clearly a lot of potential for France’s Scala community to grow. So, as tickets are going fast, make sure to register here asap if you want a ticket.

We’ve also got one precious free ticket, so if you’d like to win it, just like & comment on the Facebook post below: