Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Shalit to discuss what it’s like to manage your passwords

Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Shalit to discuss what it’s like to manage your passwords


TheFamily’s highly successful ‘Rendez-vous’ series, featuring talks and office with some of the tech world’s most disruptive tech founders such as Parse’s & Scribd’s Tikhon Bernstam and Xobni’s Adam Smith, will feature Dashlane’s CEO Emmanuel Schalit at their next edition on November 8th.

Fresh-off hitting the 1 million user mark, Dashlane’s fully-featured password manager and secure digital wallet app helps users to simplify their lives and gain peace of mind about the security of their digital lives. With nearly 88% of French internet users worried about their personal information being hacked and 84% concerned about identity theft, their service they’re addressing a fundamental market need that has, not surprisingly, attracted the intention of investors.  Dashlane have successfully raised $5 million to date from Rho Capital Partners & FirstMark Capital.

Emmanuel-SchalitThe event will kick-off with a short talk from Schalit who will tell ‘his story’ offering tips and learnings from his experience lauching and scaling-up Dashlane. Following the talk, Shalit will offer live coaching during the office hours part of the program for 5 lucky selected startups. So if you’d like to hear more about the birth and growth of Dashlane or pick Schalit’s brain for practical tips on how to successfully scale your business, make sure not to miss this event. If you’d like to attend, you can sign up here for a special promo rate.


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  1. Allan Simmons (@SpawnAllan)

    After a brief trial of the software I’m pretty impressed with Dashlane although I am certainly concerned about security as they are one of the newest password managers on the Market right now. The main thing keeping me from making a change is that my current password manager (RoboForm) offers phone support 10hrs a day where Dashlane does not offer it at all.

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