Criteo starts trading today – $2 Billion valuation ($31/share) hailed as ‘AdTech deal of the year’

Criteo starts trading today – $2 Billion valuation ($31/share) hailed as ‘AdTech deal of the year’


The long-awaited French IPO has arrived – Criteo will start trading today, and the word around the IPO is positive. The company initially expected to raised under $200 Million in their Initial Public Offering at a $28/share price is now expected to clear $30 per share by the end of the day, according to a source close to the IPO.

AdTech IPO’s have been quite popular this year – more than half a dozen IPOs in the last 6 months, according to Business Insider – among the largest was Rocket Fuel, which had previously been called the most successful AdTech IPO of the year (AdAge); however, a source from the NASDAQ, here at the Dublin Web Summit to announce their new offering for private tech companies, says that the Criteo IPO has been more highly anticipated, and the closing trade price may very well be north of $30, valuing the company at around $2 Billion.

Criteo has done a phenomenal job at creating investor confidence, staving off worries about their performance on mobile with the acquisition of mobile retargeting company AD-X. The Paris-based company continues to see exponential YoY revenue growth, and, for now, it looks as though they will go down as one of the more successful AdTech IPOs, unlike Tremor Video & YuMe, which are currently trading below their IPO share price after going public earlier this year.

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