Bunkr announces 35,000 users, 500 customers & a sleek overhaul to their web app presentation editor

Bunkr announces 35,000 users, 500 customers & a sleek overhaul to their web app presentation editor


html5-based presentation creator ( & “Powerpoint Killer”) Bunkr has relaunched its web app with a whole new design, a suite of new features, and some pretty amazing growth figures. The startup has brought in 35,000 users from all over the world in the past 5 months, with more than 500 of those going on to become paying customers ( Bunkr operates on a freemium model, allowing users to create the first 5 presentations for free).

Their new web app (in HTML5, of course), is responsive and works well on tablet, The drag-and-drop interface allows you to curate content with their bookmarklet, and then pull in from your collection of images (as well as their stock images, of course) to build presentations. In addition, the app’s collaboration features allow team members to work together and pull content in from their shared content folders.


While the app is still clearly in feature-adding mode, Bunkr already presents a viable alternative to Powerpoint, without having to learn how Prezi works and succumb to their vertigo-inducing presentation style. Future features may include integrations with services like Evernote, Dropbox & Google Drive (where people are already storing photos), though I’d personally like to see ‘easy embeds’ for things like Tweets & Facebook posts. The startup also appears to be working on a converter from Powerpoint’s .ppt/.pdf format to a html5 format, meaning that PowerPoint users will be able to convert and store all of their PowerPoint presentations in the cloud with Bunkr, and bring all their old templates and images into Bunkr.

Trying to take a bite out of Microsoft Office’s market is tough, and Bunkr isn’t the only startup working on this today – in fact, there are tons of online presentation editors, or tools like Slideshare which allow you to share existing presentations; however, to date, Bunkr has had the best vision of how to get Powerpoint/Keynote users building presentations on the web. Keep an eye out for these guys; there will be much to talk about in the future.