AngelHack launch App hackathon Apphack, 30 Cities & 6,000 Developers

AngelHack launch App hackathon Apphack, 30 Cities & 6,000 Developers


Coming this October 19th/20th, AngelHack will launch AppHack, the largest ever app hackathon, including 30 cities and 6,000 developers from around the world. In Paris, the event will kick-off at Deezer’s headquarters at 9am on October 19th. While competition will obviously be an important part of this new hackathon series, AppHack will focus more on education and collaboration with the goal of building stronger developer ecosystems, and thus stronger startup communities. More specifically, the core focus of the event will be on building mobile applications and teaching developers Android and iOS development, as well as education on new platforms and technologies.

Given that education and collaboration play a more central role in AppHack, the judging criteria will have a stronger emphasis on how creative, simple, and impactful your hack is. Unlike some other hackathons, AppHack will require participants to demo their hack in front of the all CTO jury rather than using powerpoint or other presentation tools which are actually not allowed.

Although many of the well-known aspects of AngelHack’s hackathons will remain (eg coding through the night, fun and games all night, top teams entering the HACKcelerator pre-accelerator program, etc), they’ve also added several new elements to the program, including:

  • Developer bootcamps to teach Android and iOS development.
  • Incentives throughout the event to encourage teams helping one another.
  • Judging criteria based on creativity, simplicity, and impactfulness
  • Majority of technical judges
  • Mandatory demos. Banning of slide decks
  • Code reviews on winning teams.

The winner from AppHack will win acceptance into AngelHack’s HACKcelerator pre-accelerator program and have the opportunity to fly out to San Francisco for their 2-week SF experience (if winners go on to create a startup from their hack, AngelHack asks for between 0-2% stake in the created startup).

The AngelHack team have given us a slew of free tickets, so if you’d like to join AppHack on October 19th/20th, just register here for free using the code: RudeBaguette.