With 10M downloads, edjing raises $2.5M, adds Deezer cofounder Daniel Marhely to board

With 10M downloads, edjing raises $2.5M, adds Deezer cofounder Daniel Marhely to board


Digital DJ tool edjing announced today a $2.5 Million round of funding led by French VC Entrepreneur Venture; the mobile startup also announced that it has added Deezer Co-Founder Daniel Marhely to its board, and that he is also participating in the round of funding. The company has been growing quite quickly, now counting nearly 10 Million downloads – that’s up from 3.5 Million just 5 months ago when they announced Soundcloud integration.

While the DJ-app space has become quite packed – there are over 1,000 apps in the iOS app store when you search “DJ” – eDJing has managed to rise to the top of the pack. To date, it has monetized its users by allowing them to make in-app purchases, including new skins for the app and the purchase of songs. As an application, eDJing is quite robust in its features: users can mix two songs, selected from Spotify, Deezer or Soundcloud, and can add effects, loops, and transitions into news songs. In addition, the application lets eDJ’s record their mixes and post them to Soundcloud.

I caught up with eDJing CEO Jean-Baptiste Hirone at the Paris Startup Job Fair earlier this month, where eDJing was recruiting 14 positions in order to double its staff from 14 to 28. There are even talks of launching some hardware to go along with the widely successful iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows applications. At the Job Fair, Hironde was mixing on a digital record console which was synchronized with eDJing’s features – he said the team is currently exploring options from various hardware providers and should announce something by the end of the year.


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  1. Bob

    edjing: here’s the game – try pronouncing this startup. You’ll probably get something near “edging,” which makes sense. Now, when I tell you this is a startup for “social mixing” online, try pronouncing it again. Yep, this startup is called “E-Dee-Jay-Ing,” and it may break the record for concentration of syllables to letters. Signed… Liam Boogar!

    • Liam Boogar

      I stand by my claim – it’s an absurd name. But when you type “DJ” in the App Store, they come up first in almost every country. So I guess the branding works: “word of mouth” referral may be a bit difficult, if not a tongue-twister.

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