Pre-targeting startup Ezakus totals 4.7M€ in funding from IDInvest, sets sights on London & New York

Pre-targeting startup Ezakus totals 4.7M€ in funding from IDInvest, sets sights on London & New York


Ezakus announced today that it has secured another €2.5 Million from French VCs IDInvest, bringing the total funding to €4.7 Million to date. Founded by Christophe Camborde(CEO), Yannick Lacastaigneratte (COO), Christophe Hélary & Henri de Capèle, the Bordeaux-based team has its roots in Carrefour, Alcatel, Nortel & General Electric, and the team has been looking to go beyond the Criteo-dominated re-targeting industry to “pre-targeting,” and it seems IDInvest believes in them quite a bit.

Sitting down with Camborde earlier this year, he explained to me that, while adtech companies like Paris-based Criteo (SEE: Criteo Files its IPO, could be trading as early as October) focus on re-targeting – that is, identifying visitors who have already visited your site and tracking them down where they go to on the internet to bring them back to you, Ezakus looks to identify the right type of visitor wherever they are on the internet, regardless of whether they’ve visited your site, and bring them to you. For example, you can look at the profile of visitors most likely to purchase on your eCommerce site – say, that of a the most recent purchaser – and Ezakus will track down internauts who “look like that user” to bring you a similar audience to the one that is performing well.


Paris continues to build itself up as an AdTech powerhouse. Video advertising platform eBuzzing just rolled out itself self-service platform for video advertising producers to push their ads to eBuzzing’s network of video publishers. Meanwhile, StickyAdsTV has integrated video advertising for most of the major premium video content producers in France, and with its recent round of funding, should be expanding internationally quite soon. We need not speak about Criteo, of course, nor of the pending Publicis-Omnicom merger.

Unfortunately, as healthy as the AdTech market is in France, its media landscape continues to decline in health. A recent report by BFMTV[FR] highlights the ongoing subsidizing of France’s largest media properties, LeMonde & LeFigaro, by the French Government. The inability of Media to be profitable on its own is highlighted by Mathew Ingram’s piece in PaidContent.

AdTech companies will continue to push the limits on how and to what extent advertisers can target their audience, and let’s only hope that there will still be media companies left to populate the internet with the content it loves to share, copy, paste, analyze, and sell back to users.