Orée Design expands its sustainable tech collection to include marble chargers & wooden touchpads

Orée Design expands its sustainable tech collection to include marble chargers & wooden touchpads

wireless power pebble by Orée Design

Orée has always strived to create a beautiful blend between nature & technology, and nothing demonstrated that desire more than their ever-popular wireless wooden keyboard. Today, however, Orée announced that they are expanding their suit of products.

The first of their new products is a wooden touchpad (or “touch slab,” as they call it), which can act both as a touchpad and as a numeric keyboard, with a sleeve overlay that indicates there the numbers are. Like their wooden keyboard, the touchpad is available in both walnut and maple, and is a great compliment to the wooden keyboard. It is availble for 150€ as of today.

Wireless Keyboard + touchpad

Their next breakthrough, a wireless power pebble, in both marble & wood, is capable of wirelessly charging the iPhone5 & Samsung Galaxy using their own charging sleeve or any other Qi compatible charging – the future of wireless charging is here, and it’s a beautiful red (or white) marble block on your work table. The power pepple costs 110€, and the wooden wireless power sleeve is an additional 90€.


The new line of products continues Orée’s vision of combining Tech + Wood + Design, thought it seems “Wood” has now been expanded to include “natural materials,” according to their Twitter bio.

ORÉE WIRELESS POWER PEBBLEBy giving connected objects a more natural feel, Orée is proving that where American hardware companies have always excelled in function, European hardware makers – whether it be cars, headphones, of other electronics accessories – have always excelled in form & fashion.

Orée’s products have been quite successful in the US, France & Japan, in addition to many other countries. Now with this new line of products released, I expect to see Orée transform into a major player in the (design-oriented) consumer electronics space. Plus, now you can cover up your cheap iPhone5c with a wooden case – much more classy.