According to IDC report, Cloud Computing continues to take hold in France

According to IDC report, Cloud Computing continues to take hold in France


As reported in Journal du Net, IDC has released its annual study on cloud computing in France which reaffirmed the strong growth of the sector here. According to the study, the cloud computing market (both public and private cloud as well as cloud services) reached 1.96 billion euros in France, up 46% from 2011. IDC anticipates that the demand for public and private cloud computing services will show little sign of abating, with the market hitting 2.65 billion euros in 2013 and accounting for 12% of enterprise IT spending.

The bulk of the market continues to come from public cloud services which grew its share of the total cloud market to 65.6% in 2012 and, according to IDC’s projections, will exceed 67% of the cloud market in 2013, hitting 1.78 billion euros in value.  They anticipate that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future with the public cloud growing to over 3 billion euros in 2015.

With all the concerns around the public cloud and security, these growth figures seems to suggest that while valid, privacy worries aren’t limiting businesses’ or individuals’ appetite for cloud computing services (despite recent revelations around government spying). Perhaps all the efforts that small and large cloud service providers have put into reassuring the market about the security of their solutions is starting to pay off.