Announcing the Berlin Founders Event, September 26th – Founders, Investors & Country Managers welcome!

Announcing the Berlin Founders Event, September 26th –  Founders, Investors & Country Managers welcome!


Since the beginning of the year, Rude Baguette has been organizing the Paris Founders Event in order to create a place for founders, both local and international, to meet and discuss problems that only founders have. In July, we began opening up tickets to Investors, and now we’re opening up tickets to Country Managers – most are former founders, and deal with many of the same problems as founders. Today, however, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be co-organizing the first ever Berlin Founders Event on September 26th alongside our Berlin brethren Silicon Allée .

Like many, I’ve been watching the Berlin & Germany tech scene for quite some time, and while many thought that the revolution had come 18 months ago when the city shot into the spotlight for its cheap rent and ability to attract young, ambitious talent from Eastern & Northern Europe, I think that the city is just now getting to the tipping point. Articles like “Enough with the Berlin Startup Hipster stereotype. We’re here to do business” point to a change in tides, and if there are as many real founders out in Berlin doing business at the article suggests, I want to get out there and meet them.

The event itself will be pretty basic: Founders pay 10€, Investors pay 30€ & Country Managers pay 50€ – the event is open bar and open buffet (we’ll be confirming the venue shortly, but it’ll be in Mitte for sure). It is meant for people who spend 30 days a month working, travelling, closing deals, & building great products, and only have time for one networking event a month. It is open, of course, to founders & investors outside of Berlin & Germany, so I’m hoping to see some Munich & Hamburg founders come out, and maybe even some of our friends up in Stockholm!

We’re really happy to have companies like Paymill sponsoring the event – if you’re interested in sponsoring the Founders Event, shoot us an email as


I invite Paris Founders interested in discovering the German tech market to attend – shoot me an email (available above) if you’re attending and we’ll coordinate hotels & such – and I hope to see Great Berlin founders out there!

Photo courtesy of FreePik