The Guardian launches dedicated Dailymotion channel with 700+ hours of video

The Guardian launches dedicated Dailymotion channel with 700+ hours of video

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The Guardian announced today that they are launching a dedicated Dailymotion channel that will contain not only their 700 hours of video archives, but also their weekly shows such as James Richardson’s European Football Review, The Guardian Film Show and How to Dress with fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley. In addition, The Guardian will now also be an official publishing partner with Dailymotion, allowing them to live broadcast European Football matches and other live events.

“The Guardian produces a large amount of high quality video content and having a separate dedicated Guardian channel on Dailymotion will provide us with a new platform to share this output with an even wider audience. We know that Dailymotion’s audience is one which is looking specifically for video and this partnership is a great opportunity for us to showcase our production talents in video.” -Tina Westland, Content Sales Manager, Multimedia, Guardian News & Media

On the back of 30 Million euros invested by Orange, it looks like Dailymotion is pushing to fight YouTube in Europe. The partnership comes just days after Dailymotion renewed and strengthened its relationship with Vevo, extending its partnership into Europe.

Dailymotion is already the #2 video site worldwide, and while its failed Yahoo acquisition gave it a bout of bad press, Dailymotion rests a company valued at roughly $300 Million, a company that is profitable, and one that is owned by one of Europe’s largest Telecom companies, Orange. Its parent company, positioning, and various revenue models have placed it in a great position to grow in the next years, and if Europe is where they will focus their efforts, then it will be interesting to watch their moves in the coming months.