Pearltrees launches its Android app as mobile adoption grows

Pearltrees launches its Android app as mobile adoption grows


UPDATE: In a previous version of this article, we suggested that the Android news was an update. While Pearltrees was previously accessibly by web browser, this is the version Android mobile app version of Pearltrees.

Pearltrees announced today the launch of the Android version of their content library tool, bringing all of the company’s most recent features and design updates to Android users. The French startup has begun positioning the app less as a bookmarks 2.0 knowledge management system, and has begun attacking the file storage market. In addition to organizing links, websites, profiles, and other URLs, users can organize photos & other documents.

 “We are proud to bring the power of Pearltrees to the hands of Android users everywhere. What makes this Android version so special is that it is a true file manager developed for the post PC world. The visual design lets contributors add, organize and retrieve everything naturally, while providing a totally coherent experience on every platform. And of course, Pearltrees, has always leveraged the power of its community for the benefit of every user.” says CEO and Co-Founder, Patrice Lamothe.

Their premium version, launched last October, will allow users to create “private pearls” (the company currently counts more than 50 million public pearls, which are essentially URLs shared and organized), and the updated Android version will likely allow them to expand their premium offer, given that more than 50% of smartphones are Android.

Pearltrees is predominantly used in the US, though the French & European markets follow closely behind. The fight today has really become about mindshare – convincing users that the way that they consume their content is important, and that this is not just a nice-to-have feature for the power consumers.