French Government reforms will reduce 80% of administrative cost for companies

French Government reforms will reduce 80% of administrative cost for companies


Following the Simplification “Shock” (choc de simplification) announced by president François Hollande, the third Interministerial commitee for the modernisation of public service will take place this week. The simplification should reduce costs resulting from administrative processes by 80%.

The president promised a drastic simplification of processes for companies. In its report, socialist MP Thierry Mandon identifies “11 key moments in the life of a company” and states that reforms should aim at simplifying these in priority.

The idea is to find a way to simplify in the long term, more than to make a lot of reforms efficient immediately.

A more accessible administration to citizens is another key concept approached by the draft bill.

If the administration doesn’t say anything, it means that it agrees

The concept, which the president announced before should be inserted into the final bill.

If the application of the statement will obviously take a lot of time and effort, it would make administrative chores less of a hassle and loss of time, both for companies and private individuals.

The government should also divide the delay for companies’ real estate processes by three, and reduce accounting and fiscal weight on small businesses.

The rationalisation of public financial aids to companies should also clear 2 billions euro in the next two years.

All in all, the law which the French Sénat is examining this July will allow companies to spare on administration costs obviously, but also should make the processes of creation, buying, public marketing, accounting and import-export much more simpler, notably for small businesses.