Want to learn English watching Game of Thrones? Fleex’s new video player is the solution.

Want to learn English watching Game of Thrones? Fleex’s new video player is the solution.


Following on to the launch of the premium version of its video language learning service, Le Camping almunus Fleex has launched the Fleex player, a vlc-based video player that packs all the best of Fleex in an intuitive, user-friendly desktop app. The desktop app aims to ease the language learning experience for users by seamlessly integrating subtitles into users’ local video files. All the user needs to do is select a video file on their computer and Fleex will find subtitles for it and layer them on top of the video. Mix subtitles, click words you don’t know, get explanations on idioms and expressions, or slow videos down to make sure you ‘caught’ certain phrases, the Fleex team continues to innovate their services, striving to fundamentally change the language learning experience

Fleex has also teamed up with opensubtitles to offer an improved experience in subtitle searching. By generating a digital footprint on each video file, they’re able to virtually eliminate the highly annoying problem of out-of-sync subtitles. In addition, they’ve also added long-awaited new features including the ability to add your own subtitle file and live updating, which allows users to change subtitles during the viewing process if they like.

The Fleex team has expanded the reach of their app having added support for 28 new languages, including Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. While their app is still squarely focused on English-language learners,  adding this broad a scope of languages clearly opens up a lot of new opportunities for them as recently pointed out by co-founder Guillaume Dupuy.

They also have a few more big adds in the pipeline, such as integrating all of Fleex premium’s features in the player and the launch of Mac and Linux versions, with the former set to come online in the coming weeks.