With 750K€, Clic and Walk looks to expand its crowdsourced marketing analytics app

With 750K€, Clic and Walk looks to expand its crowdsourced marketing analytics app


Lille based startup announced they raised 750.000 euros from Breega Capital. Clic and Walk, already financed by Oseo, offers real-time marketing analyses directly from its community of users, called ClicWalkers. The crowdsourcing app already counts 50.000 ClicWalkers and customers such as Logitech, Suez, Kingfisher (Castorama, Brico Depôt) and Ikea. The service is simple to use, and it allows users to send customer reviews, advertising report, product survey and price monitoring through the mobile app (Android and App Store) using only their smartphone. The reviews are then localized and verified before being delivered to the customer.

The user can use the app almost as a game, completing missions and getting paid as a reward. The customer can order any review and get the results in a few hours. Like online customer reviews, but for the company itself. With more and more smartphones, the app has a huge potential; users are able to spend free time doing missions for Clic and Walk, rather than playing a random game.

The funding will allow the startup to extend its offer, whether to customers or to the community, to improve its brand visibility and most importantly to go international while opening offices in different countries in Europe. The company also edits a blog on which missions are published and where the community can learn and share about the app.

Clic and Walk soon available in other European countries ?

Google Play Store, the official app market for Android is thriving, more and more crowdsourced applications are being developed. Now anyone with a smartphone can participate to the weather forecast, news, share notes from classes at university, etc. Clic And Walk is a great idea, it allows it’s customer to get info directly from the market, without even having to gather them. The way the platform is designed, with a limited number of missions, will prevent the startup to be the victim of its own success, while having to pay too much to the community.